Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Can't Watch Scary Movies

So it's 12 at night, and I keep watching the door, anticipating a hit man with a childish haircut to burst in the door any minute. With a quarter in one hand and a silenced shotgun in the other... Which on it's own is a ridiculous idea... I swear it can't even be possible to make one of those, the sheer science and mechanics of it defies logic on it's own.

I spent the entire movie with my hands over my eyes while plugging my ears and trying to imagine a happier outcome for the numerous cast members that would shortly be leaving the script.

It was a great movie, don't get me wrong. It won best picture and had an amazing story line, and the added side note of not having a single song to accompany it. I hadn't seen that trait in many movies and was impressed by the impact of having no music in the background. It seemed to make the film more realistic and true to life, since other than in my head, and in my classroom there are little events that are set to music in the real world. But all the same I still look back on the whole event as a little troubling seeing as it has left such an impression on me.

I kind of wonder if it is part of who I am or an underlying maturity level, or even the ability to separate fiction from reality that leaves me sitting in a dark room shading my eyes from things I don't want to see. I wonder what it is about the people that truly enjoy being scared that allows them to follow the intensity of these plots, work them out in their minds, and then leave them at the door and go on with the memories...

It's not like I am scarred for life by films, I just retain the childlike quality of freaking out for a few days afterwards and planning out my ideal conversations with the villains, you know, like you do.

Anyway, it was a great film, I highly recommend it, and there just might be a discount with door locks and therapy that should come with it... Not that either of those things would help you if your name ended up on this guy's list... ha

And one last thing, I found it very interesting how a normal person with a bad hair cut could look so terrifying... I kind of thought about how that impacted the film. I mean if this guy had shown up with a mullet and a shotgun, I doubt that people would have taken him as seriously... But the cropped Beatles helmet really added to the effect. It was the kind of hair style that went out in the 70's and would have sent many children over the edge. I immidiately started working out the details of the plot thinking there should have been a segue into his childhood that focused on some horrible event that occured when he was seven and how he snapped and kept the style as a crystalized reminder of things that went wrong...

So yeah, that and Autumn isn't home yet and I have assumed the worst...
I will put out another add for a new room mate in the morning.

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