Saturday, January 29, 2005

Sara Made Me Do it

Hey there,
Sara said this is my mission...
I haven't done this in a while so you will have to tell me how to make this thing as pretty as all of yours... Anyways, no late breaking news. Other than homework not much going on... but last night I did make it up to Portland and saw the Dandy Warhols play a benefit show at the Roseland. That was pretty cool... One of the openers was the lead singer from the decembers and he was pretty good... The Dandy's decided to wander around the bar downstairs and left us waiting for over an hour...grrrr. And the whole time my friends and I were snickering that the people downstairs were gonna be missing out. Boy were we off. So that was speacial. When they did eventually show up they were tired from entertaining the drunks downstairs and gave up less than an hour later, but I still had a wonderful time. And if you were there, you might have seen me... I was the girl standing in the freezing cold, handing out flyers to Drumatica at the door. I told my friend I'd help her advertise and she needed a little support (with 3 years experience selling candy bars I had those things gone in 10 minutes) I finally gave up and was just telling people "I'll make you a deal, I'll hold the door if you take a flyer" people could live with that, everyone's happy, and no one gets hurt. ha
anyways... talk to you later and I will go look for pictures for this thing.