Tuesday, May 31, 2005

i-sight Fun

The Computer
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Yes, Katie and I were working on my Capstone and playing with our latest toy, an i-sight camera that I am using at McCornack... We were testing it out and making some great short films of her dog rolling over and laying down... It was funny that when we played back the clip, the dog actually sat down, laid down, and rolled over, to the sound of Katie's recorded voice. We were thinking we could have it playing in the background while she was at school just for practice... Good times...

Monday, May 30, 2005

Autumn Working Hard

Self Portrait2
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This is Autumn's latest work. This one is a self protrait from a black and white photo. This is her side project just for fun...

She is also working hard on her little fuzz balls, and is encountering technical difficulties... Not only is the fur spreading all over the house, but the fuzz is choking us by the minute. We are down to one aspestos mask left, and Autumn has dibbs on that, so we will see how we're all doing in a few days and if we will need to sue Walmart...

The Week In Review

PeachyRosesTiddly WinksGood TimesPeachy 2Flower2Fuzz MachineTire #2
So this week I got two flat tires, flicked tiddly winks in Autumn's hair, took pictures of flowers and watched Autumn cover the house in fuz until the floor looked like a shaved poodle. Other than that we have the usual overload of homework, nonstop movies and playing airhockey, pool, and miniature golf. I have just a few days to go and we will see what happens and if I make it to friday... Wish me luck, I think I can, I think I can... We will see what we will see.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Come See Strong Bad

the fury of our gift shooop...
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Ok guys, this is an awsome little site with this crazy little cartoon guy on it. I highly suggest going to the link and scrolling down to "dragon". Check it out, and if you find any other good ones, send them my way.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Terry's Secret Life

terry girl
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Aren't I pretty?

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Go See The Subservient Chicken!

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Yeah, aparently in some genious market move the CEO of Burger King wanted to drill home the phrase, "Have It Your Way" and took it to the next level.
Go to the link to find a man in a chicken suit that will do anything you tell him to...
He will: moonwalk, do the Macarana, clean the room with his tail, hide, play dead, do a front and back flip, sleep, touch his toes, scratch his head, do close ups, and much more...
So give him a try and I want to see everyone whering these Chiken Masks by the next time I see you.
Here is the chicken mask site:
And the Subservient Chicken in all its Glory:

You Fill in The Blanks

Bears at play
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What are these guys doing? Practicing for the next Matrix film, fighting over the last Twinkee, or getting ready for the next American Band Stand... You decide... Your task is to create a possible conversation that these two could be going through in context to the picture...
B1: Hey, have you seen my roll of Charmin Ultra?
B2: Charmin Ultra, what Charmin Ultra? I don't know what you're talking about... why would you think I had that?
B1: What's that in your hand there?
B2: Oh, uh, just a small family of squirels, that's all...
B1: You lie! You stole my toilet paper, I know it, it's right there!!!
B2: You'll never take me alive, coper...

You get the idea, be creative...
It's like a photograhpic Mad Lib.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Ankle Biter

Ankle Biter
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Did You Know....

Let's talk about sex
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That there is an "insect porn" pool of images on flickr??? For the love of God WHY? Yeah, these people are working way too hard. But there was a three high stack of beetles that was pretty funny... But seriously, how many people do you know that sit waiting for fornicating bugs, these people need to get a better hobby, or perhaps that is the better hobby and we are lucky thier fetishes are for those not of our species. hmmm...
well spring has sprung and the freaks are coming out of the woodwork.

Random Happenings

Today was fairly interesting... I get out of class and pass by the Fisherman's Market on the way home, so I say what the hell, I'll stop by and get a taco, why not. So I get in there, and the cook gives me a couple extra tacos just for stopping in... I'm off to a good start...

Then I go outside and there is a black man on a bicycle with a box of ju ju bees coming my way... He comments to me that the man accross the street, lying on the grass is dead and that we should go check on him... I suggested we hit him with a ju-ju bee to see if he is just sleeping... So the random stranger insists that we go over and check on him. So I figure why not, it's Eugene, let's go check on the passed out kid in front of Hollywood Video. So I get over there and the black man insists that I shove some candy in the guys mouth to see if he's ok, he assures me that he knows the himlick manuver if anything should go wrong... I am totally freaking out about this, I mean what if the guy is passed out, I wouldnt want anyone shoving candy in my mouth while I was sleeping, and for all I knew the kid was gonna bite me! But after five minutes of stalling the guy woke up and said he wouldn't mind a JuJubee...
The black man introduced me as Electra, a nice name, seeing as he didnt know mine... And then insisted on escorting me back across traffic to my car. That was really strange, I am pretty used to atracting strange people, but never know where I will meet them next. He also commented on what odd people live in Eugene and how anyone passing by seeing a white girl with a black man would automatically assume that he was a pimp. I thought that was a little odd as well, but it was interesting to see the world through a different perspective and make some observations about people's conceptions in this town...
So all be told, free tacos, random strangers, and JuJubee's made for a pretty interesting afternoon.
I am staying in my house, I have had enough fun for one day...

I am so ready to be done...

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I just want to fall down, and sleep for days... I am so tired... Oh well... And now it's getting hot here, which just makes me more tired...

So this is another classic random shot of me crashed out on my bed, absolutely exausted and out of it.

Almost Outta Here

Pin Wheel
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Hey there, one more week to go guys... One more week...

And Really good to hear from you Dad... Keep posting, glad you figured it out... Now just get Corky on here and I will never have to call again. : )

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Not As Easy As It Looks

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This guy must have worked pretty hard to make this work

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Home Sweet Home

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I just thought I would throw on another picture of Beautiful Bandon by the Sea. I know Sara has been here, anybody else?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

This is The Cutest Thing I Have Ever Seen!!!

Dachsund Puppy at the Tiger Party 3
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Oh my God, this is the cutes puppy ever... And the picture said that this was just a random puppy that came by while this guy was waiting to get OS X Tiger... Cute!!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Getting There

Parasiticpink rhodie2Feet...outsidelegswhite1Autumn's FeetLilly

I Am Getting So Much Done...Someone needs to intervene...get me back to work....

Trying this out


One More

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Friday, May 06, 2005

Check Me Out

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I know, next to the girl in the bat cape, noone is looking at the flowers, but this is a sweet poppie growing outside my apartment...

Rose Stalker

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If I looked out my window to see a young woman standing with a camera, I could only say that I would be less than pleased.

It's not my fault that every plant I have is on their way out... But next time I will dawn the Army gear and go all out in my attempts to be discreet.

Twinkle Toes

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There is no shortage of entertainment here... Gotta love those feet..

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Parasitic Creature

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This is one of Autumn's latest creations. It is a parasitic easy chair designed to give you bad posture and emphasize negative space... If you act now, and call within the next ten minutes, we'll throw in a free blender and a pair of knives... Act quick, they're going fast!!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Toga Flashback

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Hey, I'm going through all my old pictures and thought you might like this one... I think it should be on the IT page, but don't know if anyone would mind... Well Sara, you are the webmaster on that one, so if you want feel free...

I Was a Strange Kid

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I think that if the role for the girl in the Exorsist hadn't been taken by that cute little blonde kid, I would have been thier second choice. Dad told us that we were royalty when we were kids, so during the whole year of first grade I had a cultish following of little wana-be princesses that would do whatever I told them... Strange, but interesting...

By the way, does anyone else have any funny pictures of themselves as kids that they can post? I would be interested in seeing what everyone was like when they were little... Thanks

Bandon By The Sea

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I know many people and I have had conversations about Bandon in the thrilling context of cheese, but here is a shot of the lesser known half of Bandon, Kristy. One of the few people in that town with a pulse and a soul. She's an awsome person, artist, singer, and friend... and as an added bonus, likes to get ellaborately dressed up and parade around town with me to throw off the tourists...

Ok Dad, Here's One

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This is one of the pictures I have of mom before she went down hill. This was back in the day, bout 4 or 5 years ago when I went down with Shawntia to see her... Shawntia and I got hopelessly lost trying to find Smoky's house at 3AM, but miraculously figured it out after ending up 3 towns away. She's in the middle of making an apple pie...
You can pick it up when you come by.
Love ya.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Don't Try This At Home

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I think a, "Buddy No!" is in order here...
And who had the brilliant idea of letting Buddy Jr. hang out around the train tracks? That was about as smart as the family in Jaws buying a house on the coast in all three films. You think they would learn.

April 14th Midnight

April 14th Midnight
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Alright, this one's for my Dad... Who was curious how my birthday went... So here ya go, a picture of my first semi-legal drink.

Who Hasn't Been Here Before?

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Yes, I'm sure this is a familiar picture to all of us... Standing outside in the bitter cold, chizzling into our cars with wooden spoons...
Did anyone ever think there might be a better way?

This is just a reminder of some of the things from last Winter that I didn't miss this year...

And what the hell is up with this Summer? Yesterday it hails and today I have the fan on.

Hands? Has This Ever Happened To You?

Um, right
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This is a general theme amongst almost all Gardner Family photos... We prop the camera up on a ledge, push the self destruct button, and scramble like mad to get into the picture... This is usually all for not as we then have to stand there haunched over for like 5 minutes waiting for the damn thing to go off...

But I always find it amusing to look back on all of our pictures and realize that in every one, we are haunched over and cramming towards the middle as if the view of the lense is a tiny little hole that we couldn't possibly fit inside.

Where's My Hairbrush?!

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This is another ode to Corky... One year for Christmas I got her Christian vegtables... She seemed less than pleased... But it was funny as hell watching her violently slam Bob the Tomatoe down on the table while it called out "Jesus Loves You"... Oh yeah, let's see how he likes the freezer.... two hours later, Bob was dead...
(note for future use: this technique works on all kinds of obnoxious things that make noise, myself excluded, including: smoke detectors, Christian Vegtables, small battery operated toys and musical underwear)

Alright Corky, What Don't You Get?

Autumn With Seedlings
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It seems perfectly simple to me... It's a giant seed pod hanging in a bathroom. I thought everyone had one of those...
If there is anything else on here that you find confusing, feel free and I will break it down for you. Love Hugg

Dizzy Yet?

Looking Up
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This is another classic from Hendrix Park... and the often sought after, but seldom accomplished, beautiful blur... yes hours of setup were required for this marvelous effect... and after all that work, I'd done it... created a picture that captures subtle motion so well that it's nausiating... Hope you all like it... next time I won't go taking pictures while running for my life down a hill...