Saturday, February 12, 2005

Hey there

A wonderful week with the munchkins; one referral for harassment, a lost tooth, substitutes, and birthdays. Yeah this week was pretty super. ha ha. One of my friends was helping me put the valentines for my kids together and I started telling her about this amazing cookie I scored from a birthday party down the hall. So she picks up a fork to break a piece off and try it ( an actual fork, metal/plastic handle and all mind you) and when she goes to use it, the thing shattered on impact into like 5 pieces. We were rolling on the ground... Here I am going on about this amazing cookie and the fork explodes. Yeah, they dont make 'em like they used to, that's for sure.
Anyways, other than that, I just took a cruise down to Bandon to drop off my roomie... A wonderful 3 hour drive if anyone is ever up for it. And on my way through town I noticed something kinda interesting... There is this rental place that used to be called Bandon Video, (real creative I know) and now it had this beat down video sign and a little sign that said "P.S. Bandon Video". This seemed odd, but you'd understand if you kept up with Bandon gossip.
What happened was that the Bandon Cheese Factory got bought out by Tillamook and trademarked "Bandon Cheese". After that they sent out notices to all businesses that were using the name and told them to change it or be sued. That was crap since there was already "Bandon Kettle Corn", "Bandon Boatworks", "Bandon Video", and "Bandon High School"...These people had swept in and bought the rights to the most frequently used business name in town. Anyways after a long crappy dispute many of them surrendered their prized business names and picked lame ones like "PS Bandon Video". I was hoping the town would revolt and rename itself "Abandoned", it would have been funnier. Anyways, that's it with me. Fill me in on your lives and how you all are doing.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Weekly Update

Hey there, I am still working on the student teaching thing... The kids are doing good... But this last Wednesday was kinda interesting. I was getting ready to drop my kids out at recess (something that I dont usually do) and I start marching out there to find an eery fog over the playground... then it hits me.... there's no one there... (well fine, how bad could it be it's only like 30 kids, I can handel this....right) then the rest of them started comming, and they kept comming... The next class showed up and I was like, "Hey where you going... come back, no." So there I was with like 60 something kids running around, with no idea what the rules were...and no bathroom passes for the kids hopping up and down with their legs crossed. I kept screaming at the kids that were running on the blacktop, and told them to run on the bark chips, (which was back asswards) and god, pure chaos... Aparently they were all at a meeting and decided it would be fun to abandon me out there... But other than that, everything is pretty sweet... Not the first time I have been abandoned with munchkins. The most important thing to know is that they smell fear. Anyways, so that's it for my boring life. Laters