Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good help is hard to find...

Delicate Procedures

After having the same piece of jewelry in for over 4 years I wanted to try something new...
Only to find that I couldn't do it on my own.
So with a skilled crew of friends on hand I enlisted the assistance of Josh aided with specialized tools for the task.
After a few attempts with a pair of pliers, I came to realize that pink really is a good color for me and not to ruin a good thing.
Ok, I realized without the jaws of life I am keeping my current hardware, and am just fine with that.

Making Memories

Standing on the sidewalk with the ones that were left behind, loading G3 imacs into an 80's Mercedes, I turn to the child standing next to me, who is telling me the tale of his latest mistake... riding a bike down Spencer's Butte and crashing hard into the bushes.
I casually smile and recap the situation by saying, "So you made a memory."
He said his latest memory left a reminder down the entire front side of his body, in the form of a road rash that will be on his mind for the next few weeks.
Upon hearing this, I thought of the "memories" that I carry both on my body and in parts of my mind and wanted to remind him to take the time to write them down before they fade like the scratches and fall away.
The fiascos that take place day in and out are the reminders of a life well lived...
So take time to remember...
Glad we can both relate in the fact that we are no longer blank canvases and have stories to tell.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Recovering NicelySniffing iPhone
After pouring a beer over my iPhone, I was using my keen sense of smell to ascertain the damages.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Saturday

Sharing Sounds

Today we finished importing all our digital photos, sent them into keynote, added words to our mouse book, added page turning transitions, recorded our narration, and started on our mouse-tracks to go with them.
Thrilling times...

Upside-down and Backwards

Thursday, February 19, 2009

email posting test

There you go...
It's just that easy...
Good times in a 3 hour workshop.

Monday, February 16, 2009


I am thoroughly enjoying my day off to celebrate President's Day. It started off listening to sad examples of Eugene's brightest playing a contest on the radio consisting of presidential facts. After round five and neither of them answering any questions correctly even by accident, I was feeling a little concerned. Some of the questions included, the minimum age to run for president, the name of the second president, and the names of the living past and present leaders. None, they didn't get any of them.
After that little reprieve I headed out to breakfast, to acquire my latest to-go box, that would set my current collection to around 11. So with no real pressing commitments to tend to (ok I am really swamped as usual but can't seem to get motivated) I set about to putting all of my hair in rollers, doing a few facial peels, dancing around the upstairs, calling everyone I know, and next I might just attempt either baking or coloring.

I have done a little planning around my upcoming visit to NCCE in Portland, and managed to finagle my way into a ride as well as convincing come of my colleagues to let me sleep on their floor. This is wonderful news since I was planning on visiting friends and am less than confident I could find my way either out of bed or to the correct building down town. So being on site will prove to be very convenient.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

High Tech Annoying

I spent the last half an hour washing my hair and singing at the top of my lungs...
Fun fact that I sing when I am happy, an event often observed by visitors at the Gorman Motel. Standing outside of the building at six in the morning, with a high powered pressure washer in hand, I would serenade our guests while pummeling their windows with glass-like beads of water... Watching them slowly approach the windows, wondering in God's name what they had done to deserve such an awakening.
Here at the Gardner house, we are well known for our morning antics. I have mentioned before that on one occasion I was slow to leave for work, and upon leaving before me, Autumn headed out to work, only to hear music filling the courtyard bellow to an offensive degree. She got three blocks away, wondering who was being such an inconsiderate person, only to realize moments later that the offensive sounds were coming from none other than our own bathroom.
We often forget how well the sounds carry in the square complex and had never given any thought to the ill effects of such a poorly planned acoustic setup.
So now we try to do what we can to be considerate...
Ok, we haven't changed a thing and instead just pretend that no one is listening.
I am sure my concert this evening was less than appreciated by the neighbors, but none the less I thought enough to utilize my iphone and record the entire event so they could play it at home while trying to have dinner or accomplish other tasks that require complete concentration...
Good times...

I am thinking if I get into the habit of it, I will put out a singing in the shower album, maybe make one for all the people who have lived with me so they can enjoy my incoherent mumblings at their own leisure.

Other than that, (I know, sounds like a full day already) I did get quite a bit accomplished. I cleaned out the car, the kitchen, paid off the last of the bills, and finished my grading. Tomorrow is a planning day for the next term. I am looking for a new batch of munchkins to work with and get to know. Another saturday class is over with the kiddos, and we accomplished making our first book, which was no small feat for a group that I quickly observed had never held a mouse before in their lives. I had to be quick on my feet to remember how to explain the complex workings and remind the little ones to keep their fingers by the "tail" of the mouse and pick it up when they ran out of room before reaching their destination...