Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

This week has been a thrilling one, with the highlights being getting two major fillings before heading off to work.

That was a good time. I head in for a cleaning, with the team of people that I see on a routine basis every six months, who made no mention of anything to be concerned about during my last visit, and after getting my x-rays done start to see furrowed brows and lots of head shaking...
"looks like we better get you in for that filling..."
"I would say we should take care of that as soon as possible... so it doesn't get much worse..."
"How long would you say she has?"
"Oh I'd say if we didn't get her in here in the next 24 hours her head would probably fall off."

After my cleaning, I head over to the billing station, where I am greeted by a receptionist who's blank stares do anything but inspire confidence.
I sit down and am handed a printout of my bill for the procedure. She asks when I would like to come back in to get things taken care of.
I mention that any time after 4 would work for me, since I will be in class all day.... So she stares off into the computer screen as though she is looking through a window and comes back saying that the only time she has open is 8am on Monday morning.
I tried to explain to her that having your face pounded in with drills and needles immediately followed by 6 hours of public speaking is not my idea of a good time...
But that was the way it went down.
I walked into class, missing most of the feeling in my face, attempted to sip coffee as it dribbled onto the floor, and had to great everyone with a smile, though the act made things hurt worse.
On the bright side, that is over and done and I don't need anything else, yet.
Go team, good times.
Remember to floss.