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And to make things more exciting, you can start and stop collecting data when you like, and publish the results in a graph!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cassandra and I freezing at the duck game... We were doing volunteer work to raise funds for our school field trips...
CassCass and KC at the Duck Game

Diana's work from the Clay Fest!
Skull Shots 2Skull ShotSkull Bowl

Cass' New Room in her new apartment. Finally in Portland Proper.
Cass' Room

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Corn Maze

KC in the FogDiana and I in the MaizeFootSchool Bus from Hell

So it is around 9:30 in the evening... Sierra has just ran out for the evening, and Diana just rolled in from her brush with Clay Fest. We are sitting idly in the living room, staring blankly at the TV screen as Bridget Jones once again rolls into view. I had been looking for a Corn Maze companion for the past few days and saw my chance...
I go bounding up the stairs with an eerie grin as poor Diana opens the bathroom door with a towel on her head...
Hey Diana, I say... Wanna join me out in the middle of a field wandering around aimlessly in the dark for hours?
She seemed intrigued, so I did a little more selling on the idea and we were on our way...
Which was good since the website clearly outlined that all cars left in the parking lot past eleven would be locked in...
So we found our way to the Lone Pine Corn Maze...
Clinging to each other as we traversed the course, and wandering down one wrong turn after the next.
DIana duly noted that at each sign of peril I was quick to shove her in front of me to avoid detection and dodge certain death. She mentioned that it was to be expected, especially after the last encounter with terror when I shoved Autumn fearlessly into a sea turtle... Not merely to escape, but because I knew how much she liked them... Yeah, that's it... I did it all for her...

It Might Be Time...

On the car ride home, I ask if Diana Noticed the 5 foot scythe in the living room...
No, must have missed that one...
I think to my self, it is definitely time to shoot your decorator when that kind of thing blends in with the overall decor.
Diana agreed and then stopped herself and said, "Hey, wait, I'm your decorator..."

What were the chances...

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A Post Soon To Be Removed

I seldom remember my dreams, but as fate would have it, I got to keep one.
Of course it is strange, and by no means any tool to evaluate who I am as a person, just random firings of synapses in sleep. I just thought I would share it with you.

Snip-its from conversations:
me: I am having nightmares about evaluations
me: but those might be waking dreams that I actually get to experience
Autumn: you should write them down
me: I was at a picknic table
with my back to the group
me: babbling about monkeys
with a fishing pole with a piece of bread on it
swinging it into a black square and fishing out parts of conversations
(I have been hanging out with you too much)
Autumn: interesting
me: then I turn around and find all the people I was talking to in the black square have been behind me all the time wondering what was happening and when I was going to come to.
turned out there was a blue beetle on my left cheek that was giving me a stroke (which was turning my face blue)
and turned out to be a small fairy (it was a sky blue beetle, with feet like a scrubby brush for dishes)
that we caught and sent me on a mission to kill someone with my car: (by communicating through flashes in the jar)
an unavoidable event I tried to dodge
I even slashed my own tires
but the body would apear under my car no matter what I did
(I even recall making it into Sweet Life's parking lot, careful of every step I made, got out of the car and sighed with relief that I had reached my destination sans incident... only to come out of the patisserie and find him under my car again)
it was kinda comical after a while
I think it was a large man in a clown suit
and they said he had to go, next to sweet life...
they said I could be creative, but as fate would have it, his life was to be taken by me, by any means

Kinda reminds me of ground hog day, back to the future, and dead like me.
Groundhog day: with the reoccuring events, and inevitable outcome and having a sense of humor about it all
Back to the future: Fate is set and changes to the order of events can tear the very fabric of time (ha)
Dead Like Me: reaping is a job that has to be done, and no matter how it goes down, it will find it's way to come true
***Ok that was the whole thing
sorry to bog you
Autumn: wow

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Pancakes at the Glenwood

KT's PancakeRavenousKT and the Pancake

Spring Cleaning

New CameraPrintsPink FuzzTiny Leaf
Ok, not really, no cleaning in sight...
So lately the house just got a new batch of fish that are cleaning, that is probably where the thought came from. The new sucker fish and sharks are acclimating well to their new homes, and are working hard to get the place cleaned up...
These are a few of the first shots from my new camera off craig's list, that rattles when you shake it but otherwise works fine...