Thursday, June 30, 2005


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Welcome to The CD Shack!!

I got a Job!!!! Yes, I now have a masters degree in education, and am working for $7.50!!! Read em and weep boys. My father is so proud of me. He said he was on the verge of tears and couldnt wait to tell his friends and neighbors.
Yes, you are looking at Timeless Music's newest employee. I stand in a hot warehouse stacking cases of CD's and pushing them down a conveyer belt. Dad says this should be right up my alley, as I have always been good at pushing people and things away. Ha. Other than that I stock DVD Box sets with Walter Kronkite, who ever that is, and make Elvis CD's by the hundreds. I am joined in the bliss of minimum wage slavery with 12 other sad story women, most of which are riding the bus and working thier scheduled shifts around parole meetings.
One of the perks of this job is that we are aloud to drink water and use the bathroom, a luxery not afforded by my last job at the fuzzy factory. The CD Shack is a vast improvement from the fuzzy factory, though I will miss the harry tits and beard that came with the hot sun and endless amounts of aspestos-like black fuz. I was coughing that crap up for weeks after I quit and will never forget the look I got from the kid next to me at the stoplight when I looked over and smiled with my latest mustach... I must have looked like Hitler. Why not...
Anyway I will tell you if we get anything good... chances are slim. We make the "classic" hard to find music. (most people probably arent looking for most of it, but we make it by the millions just the same) We are the primary suppliers for Costco and Walmart, so I can tell you with complete confidence that it is the same shit in a different box. So far three people's cars have died in the parking lot this week and the factory is a comfortable 80 degrees inside with fans going. I have also been reintroduced to my favorite machine... the mangler, so named for the wonderfully explicit image on the side of themachine: a hand that is being pulled through a gear shaft and having fingers mamed and amputated at the same time... quite the accomplishment. This thing sucks in DVDs and your hand if you arent on guard, wraps it in plastic, cuts it in half (ocasionally snaping Walter Cronkite in half on accident) and shrink wraps it before spitting it out at me... good times. Most of the time I am just building CD cased and adding the disks, but sometimes if I am really lucky, I get to fold paper inserts for 3 hours at a time...
I will keep you posted if anyone looses a finger... Oh and by the way, when we put the CD's in the cases we arent allowed to touch them so all the employees have to where mini condoms on thier finders... I was laughing my ass off, they look like something you would by at a novelty shop for a joke. I was kind of confused when I saw them but guess you can never be to safe... I dont know... If anyone wants one for a joke I can hook you up...

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

This is My New House Guest

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Well guys, this is Cheryl... She is a real peach... She is currently visiting me for an extended period of time..

Saturday, June 25, 2005


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This is right before Jeff had to head home... We are by the airport in portland... Good times.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Kellyclare And Jeff

Kellyclare And Jeff
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OK Dad, here is a shot from my graduation... It went fine, I didnt trip, and thankfully this year Hanibal Lector was not the public speaker....
As Corky may recall, last year the powers that be forgot to do their background checks and let some psycho give the opening speeches... It started off all right, talking about what an accomplishment this was for all of us and how far we had come... But then the conversation took a turn for the worst when he decided to calculate in detail how much blood had coursed through our veins during our education...

I dont know who the hell proof read that section... "yes over the course of your education you heart has pumped enough blood to fill 5 olympic swimming pools..." Yeah John, that sounds great, no I dont think it's too much, leave it in there...
Mean while the entire croud is anxciously scanning the lawn for the nearest security guard and looking nervously down at their roast beef... Good call, great speech...
This year wasn't as bad, but some lady tried to tell us her life story and ended it with a chipper anectdote on her childhood friend who was born without ears... she went on to describe how he had new ones sergically fashioned out of mounds of flesh... I wanted to vomit.... who writes this shit....

Other than that everything went well... except for the fact that it was pooring down rain and I had to pee throughout the two hour speeches... I kept looking at them menacingly thinking "Wrap it up!"
Who ever the idiot was handing out water bottles before the longest ceremony in history should have been shot, I was not a happy camper... But I got the hell out of there and off to the Olive Garden in post haste so it all worked out.

Another Crazy Shot

Blue Mood
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I really liked this one... Way trippy...
Hi dad, Hi Corky... hope you like my pictures...

Monday, June 20, 2005

KC & Snake

KC & Snake
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Jeff And the Python

Snake Boy
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Well after we had taken a few shots, it dawned on us that the snake might not have liked the flash... So lucky for us we didnt piss the thing off. We did better than the last guy who tried to hold this one... The last guy got bit and ran out screaming and crying. So comparatively we did pretty well...
I really like the family in the background... They were all scared and thought the snake was going to eat Jeff.


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This is just a picture of the awsome little picknic we had behind my apartments... Autumn and Matt made the drinks and Jeff made the sushi. We had a great time, and I tried to get a picture of Autumn choking on a mouthful of sushi, but I think I just missed it on this shot... Don't worry I have more... Anyways, Jeff made some awsome food and we all had a good time... Thanks! Talk to you later.


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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I hate my car...

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This week I am getting ready to drive to Portland... Autumn is packing up to go home... Right before I leave she asks me to take her to Albertson's to get more boxes... no problem, I get home ten minutes later, hop in the car and ggggghhhhggghhhrrrrlll (that's the spectacular noise I hear) it's totally dead... Autumn was about to hit the bars one last time, and I start winning for her. Yeah, so I drove her little tacker up there... The fumes of burnt oil and gas the whole way. Great.

So I hitch hike to the grad with Autumn... begging her to stay a few more days... (Come on Autumn, you wanted to go to dinner, Walmart, and everywhere else in town... come on..)

So she takes off, and we get the car to the shop, good times... $260 later we are back on the road again... only to have the damn thing die again... So my favorite maintenance man shows up with some tools, says I have bettery issues and to come by at 4... I cant wait. Anyways, at least the damn thing is semifunctional at the moment... Sadly my favorite parolee mechanic is unavailable at the moment, so I actually had to pay for it... Oh well, as soon as he gets out I'll get him back over here... I am sure the neighbors love to see this old man, decked out from head to toe with sculls and crosses crawling under my car and pooring chemicals allover the parking lot. Well at least I think it's funny...

Other than that, I got to hold a python yesterday... Ran into my friend Ken from the fish factory... And he let me hang a couple pythons around my neck, should have brought the camera, but I can go back later... Anyways the funny thing about that was that a few days earlier there was a shady guy from Springtuckey that came in with his girlfriend. He was trying to showoff and asked to hold the big one... Ken was like, I dont know, she's not feeling very well, we probablly should take her out.... And the guy was like, I know all about snakes let me have it....
Next thing the snake took a massive bite out of the guys arm. (note: these snakes have teeth that point into the mouth) so the guy pulls away and looses a huge chunk of flesh in the process... He ended up running out of the pet store bleeding and crying like a little girl. (Not that I could blame him, if I got part of my arm removed by a giant python I think I would have done the same)

But hey, that goes to show you how bright people can be...

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Autumn Curls


This is pre-shower Autumn... She was having a good hair moment, so we thought we would add a picture of her in a towel on the internet... Why not, she's leaving town in a few days... nothing to worry about.
In case you didnt notice... I changed out the pictures... I'm sure that many of you were concerned that Autumn would be showering fully dressed in the middle of an Olive Garden... But know to worry, this is not only imposible and unplausable but also quite dangerous with all the hot food and utensils. I am sure the Olive Garden has a no showering on the premisiss guideline that is strictly enforced. Laters

Crazy Montage

HousetogaFlip SideApril 14th MidnightWaysideLooking UpAutumn's FeetAutumn With SeedlingsFeet...KellyclareFlip SideBlair witch AutumnyellowBlair witch AutumnFlip SideKellyclareFeet...Autumn With SeedlingsAutumn's FeetLooking UpWaysideApril 14th MidnightFlip SidetogaHouse

Autumn Montage

Blair witch AutumnAutumn's FeetAutumn in TreeFeet...Parasitic

KC Montage

Looking UpHouseFlip SideFlyWayside

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Toaster Strikes Again!

Toaster One Point, Matt Nothing
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Yet another victim fallen to the technical wonder that resides in my kitchen... Matt did better than most, finally accomplishing his mission, but only after forcefully jamming the bread into the toaster... but hey, whatever works... Most can't get that far...

So come one, come all, and take the toaster challenge... You think you got what it takes, then come over here and say that....

Yeah, I think this will be my best bet this week..

What coffee really does.
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Monday, June 06, 2005

Hey Guys

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Alright, we are down to the home stretch... All we gotta do is make it till Friday... And by the way, Sara, that Rapping Cowboy is histerical... "Playing chicken with the Train"... You all should check him out...

Here's One For Sara

Argh! We're The Pirates of Bloomfield Matey!
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I am always keeping an eye open for pirate photos, and this was a cute one... So Arrrrrg, matey...