Sunday, January 27, 2008

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Knitting 1

First Day of Super Sat's...
Got three hours of sleep...
Classes went great, parents never left...
I wanted to remind everyone that if they stay more than 10 minutes after my class starts I will be forced to charge them double.
It takes all the fun out of asking what your child did in class when you were there the whole time.

We lost 3 kid's projects, since one eager little one decided to shut down the lab one machine at a time...
I anticipated as much.
They will always find a way to be helpful.

So I am ready to unwind.
Sleep, knit, work, eat, and sleep some more.

The big kid's stories look great... Aside from two that are a little too into blowing things up... We will have a chat and see if we can get them on track as well...


Two Minutes of Nothing

This is just two minutes of nothing to test out the whole video on a blog thing. I blame Autumn. She asked me how to do it and 2 hrs. later this is all I have to show for those lost hours of my life. Just a two minute clip of us staring off into space... And then me forgetting the words to some song... Very deep. I could say it was a test of friendship, or perhaps an interview to see what it would be like to spend time with me. You would have to be alright with large gaps in time. Moments that run into the next where nothing in particular is going on.

But believe me, you are lucky, I had a 3 minute clip of me brushing my hair that I could have put up here... So yeah, it could be worse.... And me dancing was a fiasco as well... And that 5 minute conversation Audi and I had on the pros and cons of different super powers was a gem of a film as well...

So count your self lucky...
Soon I will probably just be on here doing Karaoke when ever I can break away...

Good times, back to work and off to bed...

Friday, January 25, 2008

So every now and again one will be confronted with new information that forces them to re-evaluate the preconceived notions they have had about a person and what they stand for. Today was one of those days. I was able to fill in a few of the gaps on a couple people I know and do a complete switch on how I perceived them. It was a good thing. I was able to see even more of the good in someone I had not appreciated enough and with that same motion put another person a few pegs down in my eyes. It was wonderful to see someone more accurately represented and let all the misinformation be set aside. I can't really say that my whole perception is changed, just a few more details are put to light and I can see more of the person behind the image and see what goes on behind the scenes. The other person, who I had more respect for till now, seemed a little less perfect and more human, capable of error, selfishness, disregard for others, and putting their agenda before the feelings of others. And that was a good revelation too. I don't spend much time with this person, though I had always thought highly of them. It's good to know a little more of the history there not to make the same mistakes as others and to keep those thoughts in mind.

Other than that, an enjoyable day, spent running around the building putting out fires and making purchases.
We did a lot, and I still have so much more to do.
I just went out and got a scanner for my show tomorrow. I don't even know if it works yet.
I am just doing my thing... Trying to make it all work out.
So I am sure it will be a long night, and a morning fill with meeting lots of parents and such...

Go team, go.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Picture in Picture

Picture in Picture

Cutest Thing in the World

What Did I Do?
Originally uploaded by Danielle deLeon.

Cup and Saucer

Diana and KC

So I heard back from the only people that read this that the random wig pictures might need more of an explanation... But for the rest of you, I am sure you are quite accustomed to my random photos and little context clues to go with them.

This is from the girls trip out in Portland, where a bunch of the gang stayed out and went to a few shows around town. Some of the highlights were dressing Audi up in her purple bunny outfit and filming her as she was stuffed into a trunk. I know you all will have a hard time believing that I played no part in that act, and was merely a bystander. So just a good time out on the town catching up with the crew.
the story here is...
Long ago in a land far away...
Autumn and Charlie took an art class where they made sculptures of each other. Time went by and Charlie's head came to reside with Autumn... It traveled many times to different locations and finally came to be in my closet of all things. Many times Autumn wanted to throw away this monstrosity only to be told that Charlie's mom was rather fond of it and wanted it. So Autumn lugged it around from home to home waiting for the day it would reach it's final destination.

As fate would have it, Charlie, who had since moved to the Bay Area was up in Eugene visiting his fore-mentioned mother and asked Autumn to meet him at a local bar and bring the head.

So into the car we went, with Charlie securely buckeled in the back seat. We met up with the real Charlie, had an enjoyable evening and went on our separate ways, only to be met in the car by the giant plaster head we had hoped to finally be rid of.

So with the passing of our long awaited opportunity to pass the thing on to someone else, we settled back into the reality that this giant 50 pound head was once again here to stay.

So we took it shopping, and all over town in an attempt to show it a good time.

So that is the head at Albertson's, along with our latest selections of ice cream...

Yeah, Why not...
Throw me in the Lake 1

Throw me in the Lake:
I forgot to put these up from a long time ago...
It was an interesting evening after the Country Fair...
Audi, Dianna, and I hit up Triangle lake for the weekend.
15 boys... and a speed boat...
good times

Saturday, January 19, 2008

More about nothing...
I will tell you why Breyer's Rocky Road is my favorite... Surely this post can't go on but a few sentences but I will try to be as in depth as possible. Since there isn't much else to tell...

Ok. I am a fan of this particular blend of Breyer's ice cream since it features almonds in place of Peanuts, which I find to be inferior in comparison to other nuts. I dislike them, find them bland and unrewarding, with their only redeeming quality being that they are easily accessible and present little challenge in acquisition.

On account of the peanuts and mini marshmallows (which I only like in cocoa) I never liked rocky road. It symbolized all that was wrong in the world of ice cream and I considered what had been the creators' motivation in combining such unappealing ingredients into a perfectly fine batch of chocolate ice cream. I could go on.

But then there was a moment of redemption when Breyers took on the lowly Rocky Road and gave it some much needed support. They got rid of the lame little mini-mallows (which were so packed with sugar they would make you cough) and replaced them with a smooth ribbon of marshmallow cream and upgraded those peanuts to chocolate covered almonds.

In other brands, I would search out the offending peanuts and marshmallows and quarentine them from the rest of the ice cream, which I felt was better off without them.

Anyways... After looking down at my pile of rejected peanuts and marshmallows I realized I was indeed not a fan of rocky road and went back to my staple of chocolate for some time. Only to see the fore-mentioned flavor in my freezer after a friend had come to visit. I was bitter that he had brought the thing into my home without consultation... But finally gave in after all other options had been exhausted. I felt like Sam off Green Eggs and Ham. So blinded by my hate for Rocky Road, I never knew there was so much more too it.

It's now a main staple in my diet and the corner stone of every nutritious meal.

I will trim this down in a second

In the Interest of Keeping Everyone Up to Date

I am out of ice cream...
All Gone
That is the latest.
Thanks for tuning in...

I will get back to everyone and keep you all up to date as this thrilling story unfolds.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

So Audi and I will be attending Bone Thugs and Harmony for Valentine's Day... Well the 17th, but close enough...
Should be interesting...
Which one of us does not belong... Won't be hard to find us...

But we haven't gone to a show in a while... So this will be a memorable one...

By the way kids, y'all aughta post something...
I am getting a little lonely over here...
With no response from the outside world and no insight into everyone else's lives.
So just take some pictures so I can pretend I know what anyone is up to.

Would You Like Some Scalding Hot Cocoa with That?

Yes, lately there have been a lot of jokes flying around the kitchen, all of them about my interesting way of preparing food.
I have savagely burned Autumn at least three times this week, with microwave burritos and anything else I can think of, with the most recent being the scalding cup of cocoa I just put down next to her. I say, "Careful, it's hot." with a smile, and she instantly gets the joke.
She just reached for it again and instantly reevaluated the plan.
Other jokes about my food have been about my coffee... We have come up with around 50 of those "I like my coffee the way I like my men...." jokes. With the highlights being:
KC: weak, sweet, and overpowered
Audi: black, strong and bitter


Sushi in the ParkSushi in the ParkInspectionChecking the PrizeSnow SlasherFalling down a Hill GracefullyCaptain Morgan King of the MountainA and K

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Game Night

And the rest of the weekend so far...

Got the grading done....
That feel's good...

Last evening Autumn and I ventured over to Sierra's for game night.... This bi-weekly event is usually underattended and always in threat of being scratched off the calendar do to lack of interest, but this time there were more people than room to house them. We crammed over 10 girls and Galen into the tiny one bedroom apartment that they call home... The foundation is slipping and the house has more than an obvious slant to it. Once through the door you start to steady yourself as though you were on a ship... After regaining composure and adjusting to the awkward incline, you can resume your activities only to be reminded all to often of the situation as drinks and game pieces often hit the floor with little warning...

In games where there are penalties for loosing pieces we let infractions slide on account of the house...

Anyways, other than that...
I broke the thermostat.
It was like 85 degrees in the place when I got home today...
It was great. I walked over to the thermostat the other day to adjust the temperature and casually mentioned that the shafty piece of plastic that served as the knob looked as though it could break any time... Like clockwork it fell through my fingers and bounced onto the floor.

Great, so being less than concerned I went on with the day and didnt think back on it once, until I was forced to frantically overturn pillows and parts of furniture in an attempt to find the elusive contraption to turn the heat down...
Apparently my intuition was wrong and I had been inadvertently cranking the heat by hand with a pair of tweezers...
Now I know better... and will keep an eye on it...

That was the thrilling day, and I saw "I am Legend"
which I will never watch again.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Song on Repeat

Yes I know these are exciting updates.....
I had to much coffee and can't stop shaking...
I did some awesome things in school today...
Glad you asked...
I had the most cram packed day...
Some of the highlights were:
Reading a story about sledding to 5th grade, it was awesome! I put the book up on the Smart Board, which on it's own is cool, and then was able to put each page on the screen in huge proportions... and literally paw my way through each page... I had a captive audience and made even the dullest story seem cool. I haven't read in front of kids in a while so that was fun.

Showed 8th graders how to export their imovie projects to CD and burn them.

Taught the usual classes...
showed students how to steal video's off youtube, convert them with iSquint, import them to imovie, extract the audio, export it to garage band, and manipulate it there.

Fixed like 4 laptops

Bookmarked a survey for the staff in like 5 seconds

set up 3 bluetooth airliners in less than a minute each

Scanned a bunch of stuff

Set up a document camera

Cleaned the room again

sent unix commands to a kid wearing headphones to make him think the computer was talking to him (way fun)

Kicked a bunch of kids off the computers with ARD for making bad choices

Gave out a bunch of equipment

and never sat down once.

Back to the song....
Orestes Perfect Circle

By the way I am 10 posts away from 500

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The List

One More.jpg
Things to do:
*gather over 100 volunteers
*prep for Super Sat
*Prep for 3 observations
*Label 29 GPS Units
Engrave Serials into units
*Finish Building Inventory: Hardware and Software
*Meet with Honor Societies for Volunteers
*Talk with University Frats and Sorrorities about volunteering
*Meet with Boyscouts and Girlscouts
*Get 5 more shoe boxes
*Create a Cat and Dog animation
*Create a links site for school
*Consolidate Loans
*Renew Teaching License
*Teach a District Training a week for the next 3 months
*Hang Posters for Festival
*Train Staff on GPS Units
*Teach 8th grade iMovie
*Plan elementary Sped Tech use
*Teach 1st Grade Tech
*Grade 3 classes (over 75 kids)
*Do homework for TTLT
*Plan sub days for 3 day Portland Conference
*Train on Airliners
*Fix mix up in purchasing of tickets for conference

I guess it isn't too much...
One thing at a time....

Monday, January 07, 2008

I Missed the Memo Again

I look out into an empty parking lot... Apparently we must be fumigating again and I missed the memo.
The only thing that is out of the usual is that my car is gone too...

It happens occasionally that I will look out and see that everyone has vacated as if there was some hidden cue for everyone to head for the hills. I can only imagine cars crammed with blankets and water rushing for higher ground...

That's what I get for taking a nap at 5 pm.

I have been exhausted, with everyone dropping like flies from the latest ailments, it is only a matter of time till I succumb to the plague that is at my every turn. In the past I would fight any inclination to be ill on account of the overwhelming planning that is required in my absence. At this point I may just give in. I look at the sky and hope for snow, just the idea that I could have one more day to sleep in my own bed.

So other than the looming threat of exhaustion the day has gone well. I wish I had taken a picture of the surreal drive I went on this morning. It was a trip to have somewhere to be this morning... Ears glued to the radio with schools being closed left and right and the constant air raid warnings about discouraging road conditions.... Ice here, snow there, crashes all around. I felt that I was out of harm's way until I set off on my journey. I needed to be at Crest by 8:30. Up an up I went, creeping tires slowly griping at snow covered road. It was a trip. As I approached the sloping hill that was on my path, I immediately thought of my dying phone and the irony of ending up in a snow bank like the rest of the morning commuters.

But not today... I made it to my destination sans incident and was surprised to arrive in a snow covered parking lot that was very much alive. No one seemed scathed by the elements and all were ready to go.

So far my plans are in line.... The car just came home and the snow is falling steadily.... I wish it would hang around long enough to set back my morning....

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Dad and Fore-mentioned steakFamily doing things waiting for steakPolliFighting for Cheesecake
Meanwhile the Car was being Towed

Plane Ticket to Mauii.... $300
5 gallon's of gas...........$20
Getting the Car Towed from the beach.... Priceless

Actually it costs about $75
And $250 if you are not a fast talker

Happy New Year

In Case you were wondering

One Month: Recap

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