Friday, November 19, 2004

Well hello again

Hi there... I had no idea that I had to log in to work this thing.. Go me... so I have been writing these detailed entries and hoping for insightful responces, but I guess I had jusst been commenting along with the rest of you...What can I say? At timed I can be technologically challenged.. I heard a request for more random stuff.. Hmmm, as if I could get more random, I doubt it.. But I will try... Ok, I saw a baby squirel use the cross walk on 7th the other day... That was random, all the cars came to a sudden halt as the light turned red, and the tinniest squirel began trotting across the street... interesting. Oh and weirder than that, I heard that squirels eat thier dead... I had suspisions of such for some time as I had previously only ever seen baby squirels and big fatty ones. I wondered where all the senior squirels went. But some crazy source that I cant disclose told me that they eat their dead to replenish their calcium levels, so that sounds good enough for me... Hmmm.. more randomness, lets see... Oh, word to the wise, never go to the Ghetto Clinic on Tuesdays, it's extraction day. (I found that out the hard way) I came in their to have some fillings done and while I was waiting the secretary came into the lobby, "Allright everyone, this is extraction day! We aren't doing, cleanings, fillings, sealants, or dentures, we are only pulling teath!" "Ha ha", I thought, finally a secretary with a sense of humor, and at the aprent lack of concern expressed by the rest of the waiting patients, I thought she was kidding. I had been waiting to be seen since 6AM, and it was almost my turn. TOP TEN SiGNS your dentist is crazy, when the lady in front of you comes running out of the office screaming, "You *&!#ers are crazy! Trying to pull out all my teeth, I'm outta here!" (Yeah, that was a pretty big one, should have known) But I played along and when it was my turn, the dental hygenist asked me "Which tooth hurts?" (A loigical question in a dental office) So I point... And then she starts polishing the plyers!!! I tried to talk her out of it, when she wispered, "You know if you want to, you can still leave now..." I was outta there so fast... I mean think about it, I needed 4 fillings, if we did it their way, I'd be eating with a straw... But I couldnt help but feel sorry for the guy that was still waiting, he didnt speak a word of English and probably went in for a cleaning.. Poor guy didnt have a chance....

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Hey there.... as usual I have gone and lost everything... I had my first blog all set up and I lost the paper where I wrote down the address... But on the bright side I am getting more exposure to setting up Blog accounts, which might help my students with setting up their accounts. Anyways, I just hope I can find this again.