Monday, December 11, 2006

New Alternative to Coffee Creamer

So... I am in the Lounge at my new school, when one of my friends and co-workers wanders in. He is a coffee connoisseur and is a frequent fixture next to the Mr. Coffee. In the past, he has purchased flavored creamers in large bottles and stored them in the staff fridge. No surprise, they are feasted upon by all and shortly run dry.
After mentioning how his brand new bottle of creamer only lasted 4 days, he let me in on a little secret. The power of deception. He found a way to detour the other teachers from stealing his creamer... He hands me a bottle with the label removed and the words "Breast Milk" prominently etched on all sides in Sharpee... To both our surprise, no one has touched his creamer since and there is hardly a dent in the current bottle going on week two...
Well done, bravo...
Well done.
Though I do feel a bit awkward, pouring a bottle into my coffee labeled as such... I get some looks.