Tuesday, August 26, 2008

670 Good Times

So the room is slowly coming together...
New techie is on hand and soon to be working hard...
New images are in development stage and almost ready for deployment...
Not enough hours in the day to get this ship running...
And last on my list but first on my mind is that I haven't created the courses that are going to start on Wednesday, and on top of that the night time hours that I usually reserve for eating and working have been set aside for setting up everyone else's schools.
So that should be fun as well... Hopefully I will just fall down and they will give me the day off, which I would rather just spend working anyway...

So that is where we are at, and tomorrow is all meetings so I won't have much of a chance to get stuff going there either...
But sooner or later it will all come together...

Good times.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Poke The Penguin

This is just a cute little site I like to go to to relax every once in a while...
What could be more soothing than poking a penguin?

Almost time for the mad list of things to do this week:
1. Create handout for digital communications class tomorrow
2. Teach Digital Communications class (3 hours)
3. Set up new computers (2) in the office
4. Reassemble lab from piles around the room
5. Return document cameras and airliners to staff (if I can find them)
6. Put batteries back into 250 laptops
7. Wire rooms to hold 16 machines per classroom
8. Adjust height of ceiling mounted projector that I can barely reach with a stick
9. Create image for 3 sets of architecture for our building (6 hours each)
10. Reimage 250 machines (15-20 min each) (David did it)
11. Design course outlines and syllabi for 4 classes
12. Set new teachers up with new laptops
13. Help downtown reimage 12 different schools (We gave up)
14. Help individuals set up their home machines to run OS X and fix internet connections
15. Help local business back up and transfer data
16. Demonstrate and train staff on new software and subscriptions (atomic learning, learn 360, and easy CBM)
17. Create cards for students that will contain all login information including email, student id, lunch codes, and passwords
18. Return dead batteries
19. Create outline for back to school boot camp for 6th graders
20. Review and revise contracts and agreements for internet use and tech use

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Second Attempt with the Fish Tank

Just under two minutes of a glimpse into the unfortunate lives of our current tank residents. Thrilling bubbles, and a filter that sounds like a vortex, as well as sparatic giggling and tapping from the outside world.

This is why we cant have nice things...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Surely This is Why People Must Screen My Calls

Josh the MastermindBest Room Ever
There is never a simple request...

What Happens in the Lemon, Stays in the Lemon

Washing the LemonDiana, Travis, and IDiana and TravisDiana's Little Accident

Mission Accomplished

So I was given the meager task of putting water on the table...
A job I took very seriously...
Nine glasses later, I kept pushing people to drink more throughout the meal, and checking with them all every two minutes if they needed more... and refilling their glasses regardless of their response...

Dinner: 3

How to Annoy Large Groups of People in a Coffee Shop

Just bring a mac...
Wait for it...Wow

Autumn took this shot of Antoine and I while she worked on a few sketches, to give us a little perspective of how the experience was perceived from her perspective... We were entertained intensely for hours.... As noted below.
Photo 100Photo 117Photo 110Photo 127

Whatever Lola Wants

So, since January of 2007 I have been staring longingly at a certain little thing online...
And now, over a year and a half later, will finally have it in my hot little hands in a matter of days.
I plan on keeping it in the freezer for the first week just to see if it can really take it...
It will be here on Monday, which is perfect, since it will be my last week of vacation, and hopefully perfect water weather...
So I will attach a large life preserver and other floatation devices to my new favorite thing, as any paranoid person would...
And possibly stop chanting it's name, eventually.
Whooo whoooo....