Thursday, April 21, 2005

Check Out This Pretty Thing

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I was just looking at my flickr digest and this caught my eye... I thought I would share it with you...

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

MSG Speghetti

My dad is well known for his creative cooking strategies... He felt that anything that could be cooked could be made better and faster with the use of the electronic wonder, the microwave....
Thus the creation of THE WALL OF SHAME, this was a meuseum of sorts dedicated to "Kitchen Catastrophies" some of dad's most famous cullinary blunders have been, the Bisquick Bomb (Dont ask), Waffle frisbees, apple-cheese pie, the macaronni that caught the house on fire and almost landed us in the hospital, and egg plant...
Even though I don't partake often, our family loves to entertain dinner guests when ever the unsuspecting victims arise... Strangely we are yet to have anyone come back twice... That might be because dad's favorite ingredient is MSG... In everything... We had some people over for MSG speghettii... and everything was going great, they got through the first act, Corky was singing, fire dancing, giving her Shakespearian Monolouges, and dancing around like a circus act, and dad was reciting his past wives,(always intertaining) When the wife of our guest looked down at our plates and made a startling discovery... she looked up at us with concerned eyes... We had not touched a bite of our MSG speghetti and she was getting a little worried... The Secret's in the Sauce... We wont say a word. Good times, good times...

Sunday Breakfast

After splitting a denver omelet at the Station Restaurant in Bandon, we stepped out the door and decided to steal the best looking car in the parking lot, which happened to be our own. We would not have had to do this if I had not happened to lock my keys in the car. So here we are, outside the station with the Sunday church crowd congregating around us.
After a moment's worth of investigation, we came to the conclusion that the only way to remedy the situation was to send the smallest girl head first through the moon roof... which happened to be Autumn. If this had not attracted the attention of the coffee sipping seniors, then I am sure the blairing alarm which followed got thier attention. Any logical person would have unlocked the door, instead Autumn attempted to disarm the alarm from the inside without the faintest idea how. So now, not only is the car alarm going off, but the winshield wippers are flying, water is spraying, and and the windows are going up and down uncontrollably. By this point the looks of confusion and awe from the resaurant patrons have turned to concern, people are putting down thier coffees and picking up their phones.
Autumn finnaly fumbled with the door handle and got it open, allowing me to slide into the car to make our great escape. Our dramatic exit came to a climax as we started up the obviously "stolen" car, that by the way hadn't stopped beeping, and peeled out of the parking lot with gravel flying and Autumn screaming, "Go, go, go!" at the top of her lungs... The parking lot was speechless, not knowing whether or not they had whitnessed a crime and if they should call the police or just search for the candid cameras...

Ketchup Sandwiches

Raising two baby girls at 53 could not have been an easy task but the things I look back on now, which I thought were normal now seem a little unique.
Dad would send us to school with balogne and ketchup sandwhiches...sure that sounds fine, but no 6 year old's lunch would be complete with out a papaya, a whole papaya mind you. So try to imagine the scene... I show up to school, lunchbox in hand, without the faintest hope that anyone will be trading me for a lunchable today, sit down, open my box to find a puddle of ketchup and what's left of a sandwich that has been completely smashed beyond recognition by the gigantic papaya. Keep in mind that my only option now is to slam the oversized fruit on the table in hopes that someone would notice my struggle and give me a ginzu knife or something...

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Autumn With Seedlings

Autumn With Seedlings
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Here is Autumn with her latest creation, a large version of the tiny helecopter seeds that fall of the trees on campus. She made it out of wire, sheer and opaque fabric, and spraypaint.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Thank God For Neighbors

Dude, I am so afraid of spiders... Sure I act tough around everything else...
You're eye is bugging out of your head or cut off a finger and I have no problem calmly taking you to the ER, but put a six-legged, tiny little spider in front of me and I freak out. I just went in my bathroom and there was this little creature, probably a Hobo Spider knowing my luck and it was crawling into my pile of cloths on the bathroom floor... So first I freak out, get a glass and attempt to capture the thing. But of course as soon as I get within 6 inches of it, it moves, I scream, and go running out of the room.

After a motivating, stop being such a scared bitch speach from my roomie on the phone I decided to take matters into my own hands and find the first man in sight to remedy the situation. I was in luck, there was a random guy walking out of the laundry room, score. I asked him two simple questions: Are you afraid of spiders? Are you afraid of laundry? And set him on a crocodile hunter style mission. God, that was fun... Mission complete, one down, two million to go, where ever they are. I just hope they haven't told there friends and aren't planning a retaliation strike in my honor.

I wanna make this thing work

I'm trying to add this flicker thing, hope it works.

Just click on any mini image you want and it will go to the picture.
These aren't mine, I haven't gotten that far.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Hendrix Park

Hendrix Park
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God, I love Eugene. It is such a sweet place to be. You guys should give me a heads up on any cool places to check out and where they are. Five years, and I still haven't seen everything in this town. Hey, does anyone know where that killer rose garden is? It's somewhere near Jefferson; help me out.

Autumn's Feet

Autumn's Feet
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Autumn is our artist in residence. She is very crafty and always making something new... At the moment she is crafting flying seed pods out of wire, nylons, and string. Go Autumn, Go...


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The knomes did a wonderful job... It's amazing what 3 people and 2 cases of beer can accomplish.


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This is what my house looks like on a daily basis. But there is hope, I have implimented a new work trade agreement with the little knomes that live in my house. They don't eat much and will work for beer and miscelaneous socks.

Heritage Day at Chavez

Heritage Day at Chavez
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I miss my old school... They were so much fun.

Autumn in Tree

Autumn in Tree
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Autumn is a bit more fearless than I. She actually made it up the tree... I just fell off the bottom. Better luck next time...

Tree 10 points, Kellyclare Nothing

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This is one of the pictures Autumn and I took on top of Skinner's Butte... Good times, good times. Yes, it looks like I am laughing in the face of danger in a death defying feat, but I am really two feet off the ground, struggling for my life, none the less.


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This is me as a small child; and in case you are wondering, yes, those are flying carrot spaceships on my onesy pajamas.

I may be figuring this thing out

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Give me some time... I am trying to add pictures and make this thing look less bland. Gimmie so ideas if you have any. By the way this is me when I had red hair. Note to self, do not mix three different brands and colors of dye at the same time, you will end up looking like Pepe LePue, and the chemical reaction will rival most high school science experiments, with that and the fumes I am lucky to be a live.

Disco Stu

When I was working out my outfit for last night with my roomie, I looked to the Simpsons for inspiration... I had nothing to wear and 2 hours later, at eleven, I just gave up. The highlight of my evening was definately when the door was answered by a naked girl in a towel. That had to be a nice surprise. Never underestimate the power of women in scarce clothing. ha

Anyways, today I am just chilling, watching Pulp Fiction and doing anything to distract me from my work. Gotta love that capstone project, can't wait. anyways... that's about it.

Does anyone know a good place to get a crappy Ford Tempo worked on... besides a new engine, 4 new motor mounts, brakes, door sealants, stereo, and power stearing pump, I need to get a new starter... So if any one knows anyone good and cheap who has a first and last name preferably I would be thrilled. (The last guy that worked on my car was named "D", I should have known, and he ended up stealing my tempo for a month, racking up 150 miles, for testing purposes only I'm sure, charging me $600, and stealing my other car, he is still at large so buyer beware) anyways, I dont want to get screwed again and I just want to make it for another 2 months...
So new starter, any ideas, fill me in.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Bacon Scented Insense

Yeah, that's what the house smells like at the moment.... Don't ask me, I have no idea. Anyways, this week I have been trying to get a cell phone, so if you have any ideas for good plans please tell me... I am planning on being screwed by Sprint, they seem nice enough...ha ha. The guy who was trying to get me on a plan made the mistake of giving me his cell number, and when I called I heard all these little kids in the background. I can't imagine how his wife kept a straight face as he did his little pitch while telling his kids to clean there room and put the scissors down. Well at least he's dedicated...dedicated to getting my money that is. Grrrr... I hate phones, but I need one, lame.

Other than that, I got my cable shut off today. That was fun... I didn't even know I owed them money, and it was only like $60. That's crap, but I didnt need it anyways, so there...

Then in upcomming news we have that birthday thing going on next weekend, so if anyone wants to watch me fall off a bar stool, all are welcome to join.

How do I make my blog pretty? It needs some major help, that and it is this nausiationg/wonderful pink color. Oh well, give me some ideas and I will give it all a shot... remember I have a mac, see what you can do.
Other than that I am at McCornack this term, and am having a wonderful time in my new classroom... No crazy antics as before, there aren't any screamers in my room this time, and I haven't seen any firsst graders in rollerskates, so nothing too exciting. We will see what we will see.