Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Hello Rain

So lately I have been trying to find new things to entertain myself during the cold weather. The latest being chocolate cakes for no one and practicing the art of flipping fried eggs and cleaning them off the floor.
I am two days away from the end of my first term and then off to round two.
I have been attempting to stay on top of the mountains of leaves with my handy leaf muncher but seem to have lost the battle to the rain.
Other than that, I am still moving and trying to stay on top of the mountains of projects I look forward to each day.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Back in full swing

A few shots from summer.
And I maxed out the space on my phone, so no more till I clean it off.


Blogger put out a free app.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Friday, July 08, 2011

Day Two in the Sun




So today marks our second day enjoying the sun out in Maui.
We did quite a lot today, which is not too surprising when you equate in that we woke up at the crack of dawn to get breakfast at cheeseburger in paradise...
Keep in mind, deals out here are few and far between... so when I say we got the early bird special, try to imagine the sun coming up and the waitresses clocking in as they begin their shifts... sure they have deals... you just have to get there when they open...

Anyways, it was a fun day...
We hit up Mama's fish house, got some guri guri, and Corky even found a "Name your own constellation" stuffed dog at Ross...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Green Pan

From the title you will guess this is going to be a thrilling tale...

For the longest time I had been trudging along in my kitchen with a mismatched collection of hand me down pots and pans. After sitting through a particularly thrilling presentation at the home and garden show on the evils of aluminum I got it in my head that it was time to make a change.

Soon after I happened upon a beautiful set of Rachel Ray cookware at my local Ross, and in a moment similar to the end of Gone with the Wind, I clutched the giant box in my arms and never looked back.

The thing about having a huge set of pans is that people are always borrowing them; and as luck would have it, my best friend had just moved in next door.

So out went my little green pan.

Time went by and I started to miss it, so when I came across the very same set in a different color, I rationalized the purchase as a replacement.

In the end I tried to give the set to my new neighbor as a gift, and after noting that she didn't need the whole set, mentioned that she'd just take one pan and leave me with the rest.

As luck would have it, she took the very same pan that she had taken before, again screwing me out of my medium sized pan. You know, the one you need to make eggs, bacon, quesadillas, pancakes, and every other thing you would use a medium sized pan for.

So I went a little overboard...
I scoured the shelves of the kitchen department at Ross... Always searching for my little green pan. Eventually I decided I had had enough and thought surely I could just find a new one online.

So after searching endlessly on Amazon, I finally found it. It was only $20 and I knew it was the one I had been searching for.

So I was surprised to find a box on my doorstep three days later that did not contain my little green pan, but instead, the biggest, most ridiculously oversized wok on a stick I had ever seen. It turns out that I can't read, and measurements never have been my strongpoint, since I ended up with a 18-25 in (I have no idea, it's huge) pan.

Anyways, that monster had been sitting in the cupboard collecting dust until just the other day, when I was attempting to make Pad Thai for the first time.

As I was reading the directions on the package, I thought to myself, "I wish I had a wok".

Then I remembered, I have a big green one on a stick.

Round Two

Ok, now that I see that this is an ok solution, I will try to do my best to get back in the game. But anyone who finds any typos will just have to keep it to themselves.

It's really funny to be surrounded by technology all the time and to realize that I don't really spend too much time with my own computer at home anymore. The one we have hooked up at home has such a wonderfully high resolution set on it that I actually need glasses to read it.
We tried scaling it down a bit but in the end it was either giant icons and reduced screen space, or micro-print and a loss of interest.
I really do just about everything from the phone so it seemed like a huge pain not to be able to post from here too.
Anyways, quarterly update...
We are three days out from the end of the year, the yearbook is done and in student hands, all of the major presentations and celebrations have gone by, and all I have left is grading, the building celebration, picking my raspberries and heading out the door to see my family.
The house is coming along, with the next major undertakings being a new fence, windows, carpet upstairs, and perhaps insulation here and there.
And painting the deck, knocking out a few walls, more painting and finally burning it down when we are tired of working on it.
And as usual, when I say "we", it means any able bodied person besides myself. I just trim the hedges and alert others to the presence of flying bugs that need killing. I'm not much help past that.
Speaking of unwanted visitor, we had a snake in the house the other day...
It was a little thing, bout the size of a pencil, and I definitely handled it better than I would have expected, though I am not looking forward to any others.

In other news, very excited that I will be seeing Circus Soleil tomorrow afternoon. It's been on my list for a long time. So I hope it's a lot of fun, though that is definitely what I have heard from all the kids in my class who have been talking about it all week.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Trying to find a simple way...

I have been looking for an easy way to post images to here from my phone and have been less than excited about doing all of my writing with my thumbs. But we will see how it goes.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

This week has been a thrilling one, with the highlights being getting two major fillings before heading off to work.

That was a good time. I head in for a cleaning, with the team of people that I see on a routine basis every six months, who made no mention of anything to be concerned about during my last visit, and after getting my x-rays done start to see furrowed brows and lots of head shaking...
"looks like we better get you in for that filling..."
"I would say we should take care of that as soon as possible... so it doesn't get much worse..."
"How long would you say she has?"
"Oh I'd say if we didn't get her in here in the next 24 hours her head would probably fall off."

After my cleaning, I head over to the billing station, where I am greeted by a receptionist who's blank stares do anything but inspire confidence.
I sit down and am handed a printout of my bill for the procedure. She asks when I would like to come back in to get things taken care of.
I mention that any time after 4 would work for me, since I will be in class all day.... So she stares off into the computer screen as though she is looking through a window and comes back saying that the only time she has open is 8am on Monday morning.
I tried to explain to her that having your face pounded in with drills and needles immediately followed by 6 hours of public speaking is not my idea of a good time...
But that was the way it went down.
I walked into class, missing most of the feeling in my face, attempted to sip coffee as it dribbled onto the floor, and had to great everyone with a smile, though the act made things hurt worse.
On the bright side, that is over and done and I don't need anything else, yet.
Go team, good times.
Remember to floss.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Unicorn in the Garden

So I wake up early, the sun streaming in my windows and decide it's a great day to head outside and take a look around the garden... I throw on my flip flops, grab my hedge trimmers and walk out the door.
No sooner than I had just begun to assault the closest bush, swinging at it with both hands in a weak attempt to free it from the onslaught of leaves that had pilled onto the top of it when I am suddenly aware of the presence of a nearby visitor...
I glance over to see my next door neighbor charging towards me while shouting, "I have a message for you!"
I think to myself, time to start the car... the gig is up... but I fight my instinct to run and try to look interested.
Again, she saunters my way and repeats, "I have a message for you... from the man who used to own the house!"
Now I am really thinking the worst... he changed his mind, there are bodies in the back yard, his bookies are coming to settle his debt, now what?
Now she is standing right next to me, I grasp my clippers, ready for the worst...
"It's about your deck...." (This lady is really great at stringing me along... can't take much more of this)
So I am thinking that it must be falling over her side of the fence or infested with termites....
"Oh, I just wanted to tell you that when summer comes, it will be time to refinish it with a fresh coat of paint..."
Time to switch to decaf...
So just as I am beginning to feel silly about how stressed this lady was making me, she turns toward the back yard, stretches out her arm pointing off in the distance and proclaims, "I hate that!"
Not again, so I am scanning the area she is cursing, and ask, "What do you hate? The fence, the deck, the gazebo, the tree, the Christmas lights, the side of the house?? Give me some info here!"
"No ,that!" Pointing more dramatically...
"I hate that plant!, it grows everywhere."
Of course I see no plant and decide to wander off in another direction with my clippers... only to find that I have a new sidekick...
"That's a weed, you better get rid of that holly... gotta tear out that one and split up the bulbs... you just killed all your ferns, your tree is dying, bout $600 to have someone look at it..."
Alright, having enough pep talks for the day I wander back inside and shut the door behind me...
After finding that the coast was clear I cautiously headed back out with my rake for round two...
Hadn't been out there five minutes before a hispanic man walking by with his family gave me his card for lawn care... Apparently he wasn't too confident in my abilities to tackle this thing... Or maybe it was the fact that I was using half a rake... maybe that was the tip he picked up on...
Either way I am having loads of fun out here... Tell your friends.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hear no Evil

After weeks of packing, moving, sawing, raking, burning, and rearranging I am slowly getting settled into my new home.
One of the perks of the new neighborhood is that there is a recreation center with an indoor pool right down the street... The pool is about the same distance away from the house as the mail box is...
So after getting sworn in as a new member at the pool, Autumn and I started checking the place out...
We soon found that the usual crowd was a less than talkative bunch. At one point I was sitting in the outdoor hot tub, relaxing after a long week, only to look to my left and see an older man with both hands covering his ears, sinking low into the water as not to be disturbed by our banter... I thought it seem a little strange, till I noticed the woman on the right who had chosen a less subtle tactic by holding her breath and trying to drown herself, face down in the pool...
Perhaps we came on cult night, we will see...