Friday, June 06, 2008

What is Going on?

Are you kidding me...
I wake up this morning to hear an irate parent is taking legal action for a teacher using scotch tape to remind a student to stay in his seat. The reaction from the mother was,

"... But she (Tomchak) gets paid vacation and my son is too upset to go to school? I don’t think you should be allowed to treat students that way.”

Paid vacation.... Paid vacation... Your logic in destroying another person's career is that you are bitter she gets two months off to see her family. Wow. The reaction of the hosts of the show was that they couldn't understand why anyone would want to be a teacher.

I completely understand the expectation of professionalism and putting the children first at all times. But I also have seen teachers attempt to be humorous with their students and that is what this scenario looks like.

How much tape are we talking about? I assume it was just for show...

It's just crazy to me that we will have another educator thrown out of their chosen occupation on account of situations that are blown out of proportion. It makes it scary to try to teach these children.

And the children seem to have inherited this sense of entitlement from their parents. I have had at least five students tell me they are going to sue me. Not when I did anything wrong, just to tell me that they could. I have had just as many tell me they will just make something up to get me in trouble.

I don't let that phase me much, kids say many interesting things; it is just interesting that they are receiving the message at home that teachers are not to be respected or even listened to, that they are sub-human creatures who are only there to please you.

The attitudes of some parents is just frightening. One of them came up to one of our elementary teachers (who comes to work at seven and stays till nine at night on most days) and told her that she was a "Glorified Babysitter" and that since he pays taxes, He owns her.

That seems to be the logic these days. Education is free, and everyone is entitled to access it, we even feed the children for free in the classrooms, I just think some parents are just waiting patiently with their lawyers on speed dial for any indication that someone has made a mistake. No conversation, no negotiations, they just swoop in and don't stop until everything that person has worked for their entire lives is completely destroyed.


mama burns said...

You are so right - people have an appalling sense of entitlement these days, which they transmit to their kids like bad DNA. My guess is that this over-protected and probably ADHD kid has few limits placed on him at home. Somewhat revealing that 1. the parents already contacted an attorney, who 2. told them to follow the approprate channels with the school district; 3. the mom commented that the teacher had been telling them all year the little prince is ADHD, a label they refuse to consider; 4. the news reporter observed the kid spinning like a top in his chair at the apartment manager's office where the interview took place, in spite of his parents repeatedly telling him to stop; and 5. the parents plan to hire a psychiatrist to help heal his psychic trauma, who more than likely will ALSO tell the parents he's ADHD - just before they fire him.

Miss Clare said...

Thanks for the support. I can't imagine what is going on with the development of some children that they are so over stimulated and find it impossible to focus. Part of that of course is being a child, and under the criteria for ADHD many of us, including myself could easily fall into this category.

It just makes it incredibly difficult to set to the task at hand and really when one child is completely out of control it brings all learning to a stop and becomes damage control. But students are still learning, they are just learning more about boundaries and the lack there of instead of core concepts.

Maybe it was all the testing... ha
It would be funny if in some small way all the extra pressure we put on the kids to do well on these random assessments stressed them to the point of breaking... But that is not the case, those tests were made to send me over the edge...

Seriously thinking of working for Apple or Google.