Friday, June 20, 2008

The Birds

So this afternoon, after putting in the usual 10 hour day, I mozie home to catch up on life at home.
I am flagged by the manager and her sister...
They are in the middle of giving the tenants the latest bizarre warning.
Apparently the grounds have become home to menacing crows as of late, and these ones are on a mission.

It seems that they have taken to dive bombing the locals... and it sounds like a pretty entertaining scene to behold.

The trick is they like to swoop down on unsuspecting seniors and slam them in the back of the head with their whole bodies.
So far the tally is at three women and one man, and it seems their M.O. of choice is to go after anyone with "poofy" hair, according to the powers that be.

So this will make for an interesting weekend, as if the heat wasn't enough to keep me out of the parking lot, now we have attack birds...

Good times.

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