Sunday, June 08, 2008

Brew Fest

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I had such a wonderful time at this year's event.

In the past 8 years living in Eugene I have come up with an amazing number of excuses to miss the festival; first and foremost being that I seldom drink and with that in mind there is hardly justification for spending ten dollars on an event you won't fully partake in. But this year I made my usual efforts to slip under the radar and sneak home to do what ever else I could. But I have to give it to my friends for applying the perfect amount of guilt this year to persuade me.

So even after I negated on my duties and gracefully rode home on my new bike, moments after arriving home I was re-evaluating the situation and turned around. I got back on the bike, and headed straight for the event.

I have to admit, even with being a novice drinker in comparison to my peers I had a wonderful time and was happy to say we shut the thing down... I dawned Autumn's "Shoulder Bag" which we have been telling her was a fanny pack for some time to her unending disbelief and protest.... And I wore it as it was originally intended, as a damn fanny pack...

Quite comfortable and convenient, surely soon everyone will be wearing one. At any rate, it takes a certain person/personality to tactfully pull off such an accessory, and I was up for the challenge, even finding that the additional weight was very conducive to dancing.

Throughout the evening I had two original songs dedicated to the fanny pack... truely histerical, and much to the dismay of Autumn, it was the hit of the party.

I ran into many old and new aquaintences throughout the event, walked away with eight commemorative glasses, and regret not having taken on the experience sooner.

That seems to be a trend, I always hesitate on doing the things that make life exciting and then regret the time I wasted waiting for an invitation to live.

Had a blast, loved the whole thing, except the Pelican IPA ran out before I got there, so I never had the chance to try it.

Loved it.

~The eloquent intoxicant
It is 2 in the morning after all...

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