Monday, June 09, 2008

Getting into Character

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So I wander home after Carol's retirement party, fully intent on leaving the house.
But as I approach the door, my heart sinks and I become anxious.
The curtains are closed... They were open when I left, and instantly I start to think something ominous lies behind them.
I assume Autumn is leaving me, and with a heavy sigh I walk in to face her.

But to my surprise, a little blonde wearing a Robin outfit sits perched in front of a laptop, smiling mischievously.
She knows I would do anything for her.
So when she suggested we dress up as Batman and Robin, get on our bicycles and ride all over town, I trudged up the stairs to put on my black spandex body suit...

We arrive at Josh's house just and he and Jen were on their way out to dinner...
So without any hesitation, they both put on costumes and got in the car.

What a strange group I have become part of.

Sitting at the restaurant, well into character, Josh would start telling stories about the introduction of the automobile and take moments to fall asleep over his food.

Good times...

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