Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hey Dad

New Mom
I found an old picture of mom,
who, just like Judy said, doesn't look a thing like me...
What a peach.
She's Next.
Well that's what I told the lady at the bank anyway...

And Here are a few more...
When I get scanning,
I really can't stop.

Huggy Stash
KC Farm
And the Thriller Jacket...
KC Jackson
Corky With a Random Baby At Alpha Farms
Corky Baby
And what the hell, why not, the guy that hooked up our cable in 2005.
Cable Guy


Miss Clare said...

my are your mothers daughter. in many ways you are a spitting image of her. The slant of your eye lids, the curve of your chin, the way in which your hair falls so eloquently across your delicate cheeks. I wish I had met her so that I could relate the ways in which you make her live on in yourself. Sometimes I feel I know if it is a far reaching extension of yourself... some part that reaches beyond that part of yourself I see raised by a single father struggling with two young children...finding humor in perhaps the most dire of circumstance... becoming like a beacon light in the settling early morning fog. Your beauty is an extension of hers and I am thankful to see your radiant face every day.
I love you so very much.

Miss Clare said...
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