Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Song on Repeat

Yes I know these are exciting updates.....
I had to much coffee and can't stop shaking...
I did some awesome things in school today...
Glad you asked...
I had the most cram packed day...
Some of the highlights were:
Reading a story about sledding to 5th grade, it was awesome! I put the book up on the Smart Board, which on it's own is cool, and then was able to put each page on the screen in huge proportions... and literally paw my way through each page... I had a captive audience and made even the dullest story seem cool. I haven't read in front of kids in a while so that was fun.

Showed 8th graders how to export their imovie projects to CD and burn them.

Taught the usual classes...
showed students how to steal video's off youtube, convert them with iSquint, import them to imovie, extract the audio, export it to garage band, and manipulate it there.

Fixed like 4 laptops

Bookmarked a survey for the staff in like 5 seconds

set up 3 bluetooth airliners in less than a minute each

Scanned a bunch of stuff

Set up a document camera

Cleaned the room again

sent unix commands to a kid wearing headphones to make him think the computer was talking to him (way fun)

Kicked a bunch of kids off the computers with ARD for making bad choices

Gave out a bunch of equipment

and never sat down once.

Back to the song....
Orestes Perfect Circle

By the way I am 10 posts away from 500

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