Saturday, January 19, 2008

More about nothing...
I will tell you why Breyer's Rocky Road is my favorite... Surely this post can't go on but a few sentences but I will try to be as in depth as possible. Since there isn't much else to tell...

Ok. I am a fan of this particular blend of Breyer's ice cream since it features almonds in place of Peanuts, which I find to be inferior in comparison to other nuts. I dislike them, find them bland and unrewarding, with their only redeeming quality being that they are easily accessible and present little challenge in acquisition.

On account of the peanuts and mini marshmallows (which I only like in cocoa) I never liked rocky road. It symbolized all that was wrong in the world of ice cream and I considered what had been the creators' motivation in combining such unappealing ingredients into a perfectly fine batch of chocolate ice cream. I could go on.

But then there was a moment of redemption when Breyers took on the lowly Rocky Road and gave it some much needed support. They got rid of the lame little mini-mallows (which were so packed with sugar they would make you cough) and replaced them with a smooth ribbon of marshmallow cream and upgraded those peanuts to chocolate covered almonds.

In other brands, I would search out the offending peanuts and marshmallows and quarentine them from the rest of the ice cream, which I felt was better off without them.

Anyways... After looking down at my pile of rejected peanuts and marshmallows I realized I was indeed not a fan of rocky road and went back to my staple of chocolate for some time. Only to see the fore-mentioned flavor in my freezer after a friend had come to visit. I was bitter that he had brought the thing into my home without consultation... But finally gave in after all other options had been exhausted. I felt like Sam off Green Eggs and Ham. So blinded by my hate for Rocky Road, I never knew there was so much more too it.

It's now a main staple in my diet and the corner stone of every nutritious meal.

I will trim this down in a second

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