Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The List

One More.jpg
Things to do:
*gather over 100 volunteers
*prep for Super Sat
*Prep for 3 observations
*Label 29 GPS Units
Engrave Serials into units
*Finish Building Inventory: Hardware and Software
*Meet with Honor Societies for Volunteers
*Talk with University Frats and Sorrorities about volunteering
*Meet with Boyscouts and Girlscouts
*Get 5 more shoe boxes
*Create a Cat and Dog animation
*Create a links site for school
*Consolidate Loans
*Renew Teaching License
*Teach a District Training a week for the next 3 months
*Hang Posters for Festival
*Train Staff on GPS Units
*Teach 8th grade iMovie
*Plan elementary Sped Tech use
*Teach 1st Grade Tech
*Grade 3 classes (over 75 kids)
*Do homework for TTLT
*Plan sub days for 3 day Portland Conference
*Train on Airliners
*Fix mix up in purchasing of tickets for conference

I guess it isn't too much...
One thing at a time....

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