Monday, January 07, 2008

I Missed the Memo Again

I look out into an empty parking lot... Apparently we must be fumigating again and I missed the memo.
The only thing that is out of the usual is that my car is gone too...

It happens occasionally that I will look out and see that everyone has vacated as if there was some hidden cue for everyone to head for the hills. I can only imagine cars crammed with blankets and water rushing for higher ground...

That's what I get for taking a nap at 5 pm.

I have been exhausted, with everyone dropping like flies from the latest ailments, it is only a matter of time till I succumb to the plague that is at my every turn. In the past I would fight any inclination to be ill on account of the overwhelming planning that is required in my absence. At this point I may just give in. I look at the sky and hope for snow, just the idea that I could have one more day to sleep in my own bed.

So other than the looming threat of exhaustion the day has gone well. I wish I had taken a picture of the surreal drive I went on this morning. It was a trip to have somewhere to be this morning... Ears glued to the radio with schools being closed left and right and the constant air raid warnings about discouraging road conditions.... Ice here, snow there, crashes all around. I felt that I was out of harm's way until I set off on my journey. I needed to be at Crest by 8:30. Up an up I went, creeping tires slowly griping at snow covered road. It was a trip. As I approached the sloping hill that was on my path, I immediately thought of my dying phone and the irony of ending up in a snow bank like the rest of the morning commuters.

But not today... I made it to my destination sans incident and was surprised to arrive in a snow covered parking lot that was very much alive. No one seemed scathed by the elements and all were ready to go.

So far my plans are in line.... The car just came home and the snow is falling steadily.... I wish it would hang around long enough to set back my morning....

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