Monday, February 15, 2010

My Three Day Weekend

So today is the last day in the long break before heading back to work.
Weekend in review goes as follows:
Day one: Head out of town, down to the coast, and up to Waldport.
Stayed in a sweet little green A-frame for Friday and Saturday, checked out Newprot, took advantage of the rogue brewery's annual garage sale, took lots of photos of pelicans and seagulls down at the pier...
Got lots of shots of what turned out to be a very stormy day at the beach, and explored a little beachside shop that boasted having the largest insect in the world...
After Waldport and Newport, we headed back down the coast and went to one of my favorite restaurants...
Long ago when I was a child, living in Florence, we would get up early and head over to the Blue Hen.
The blue hen was a tiny little house that boasted some of the best homemade biscuits around and had breakfast down to an art. Sadly the employees in the back also had arson down to an art as well, leading to its mysterious combustion (which occured three times) over the next few years.
They tried to rebuild, but again, when they least expected it, fire struck again...
Finally the little Blue Hen closed it's doors for the last time, and the choices for a decent breakfast in town seemed lost as well.
Fast forward ten years, and to my surprise, there was a reincarnated version just across from where I first went to school. It is now called the Little Brown Hen, and sports a trailer trash looking chicken with it's arms held out, as if it were saying it just didn't care anymore...
The food was great, and we took a moment and added it to Urban Spoon, so others will be able to find this little gem.

After breakfast, we made the rest of the trip back to town, where dear Autumn was waiting with truck on hand to move all of her belongings out of my apartment and into her new home.

We ended our day with a wonderful meal at Beppe's italian restaurant, There was an hour wait from the moment they opened, but as usual, it was well worth it.
I had the lobster ravioli and they were fantastic!

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like a pretty sweet weekend. The coast is always nice and relaxing.