Sunday, February 07, 2010

Happy Sunday

So as of yesterday, Autumn has again left the building...
She is on her way to Washington to visit her family...
Her predicted absence is two weeks, where upon returning she will be vacating to her new home and studio space in central Eugene.
In other news, this week she had some of her artwork presented at a prestigious gallery in town.
We also celebrated Steve's 31st birthday at the Sushi Station.
Mine will be the next one in April.

This week at my new placement we are still organizing and rearranging equipment and getting it ready for roll out to students this week...
I have a training on Google Tools session I and II coming up, and am still trying to finish all the requirements for updating my license...
I am almost done, and just need to hunker down and get the final pieces collected and sent out.
We finished the tax info this week, only to send it all out and then receive more documents that will need to be added in.
In other news, I am battling it out with the fish tank today, and disappointed to find that the tank is in a perpetually green state, in spite of the numerous algae treatments I add into the tank on a biweekly schedule.
My giant sucker fish has decided to give up.
I am contemplating replacing the current inhabitants with a gerbil or plastic creatures.
I feel they might be less work and just as rewarding as my filthy little ingrates.

Back to coffee and dishes.