Sunday, February 07, 2010

Instant Recognition

So I had a chance to meet up with Autumn's sister Sierra...
I haven't seen her since she announced she will be having a new arrival in June.
She just found out she will be having a little boy and is excitedly preparing for the new addition to her family.
We met up at the Fisherman's market for lunch and to catch up.
Upon entering the restaurant, I was greeted by a familiar face in what used to be a staple in my foraging routine.
Back when I first started working at my current building, I would seldom find time to eat with my busy schedule and often found my way to the market as a way to relax and unwind.
I always liked watching the crab tank, where the inhabitants would take turns strategizing their escapes and climb on top of each other in a meager attempt to cheat death.
On certain occasions, some would find their way to the top of the tank, even getting as far to reach one leg into the air towards freedom, only to have some imbecile on the bottom of the pile screw it up and send the unlucky crustacean sinking back down to the bottom of the holding tank.
I liked the water that was all over the floor, and of course, I thoroughly enjoyed the food.
I never really liked the crabs, though I tried them from time to time... Instead I found that the best deal they had to offer was in the form of their fish tacos... Being little fried bits of goodness, smothered in salsa and sauce, over a corn tortilla.
They were always fast, delicious, and just what I needed after a long day of ringing phones and endless emails for assistance.

At any rate, I became a familiar face and frequented the market on a daily basis...I came in so often that one of the fish mongers went out of his way to introduce me to his mother when she came in on his birthday...

So at any rate, I wasn't surprised to find that as soon as I sat down with Sierra and our food that a familiar face appeared, calling me by name and inquired as to how we were enjoying our meal...

I assume Sierra might have been a little surprised, seeing as she didn't know the history and picked the place at random as a place to meet... But as usual, I made no attempt to explain, thanked our server, and went back on with the conversation as if it were nothing notable...

And of course, to make things even stranger for her, upon leaving, my friend made a point to shout his farewell across the restaurant just to make sure I felt special...

Definitely one of my favorite restaurants.
Always a good time.

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