Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

Cass Breakfast LN
Waking at 6 in the morning and looking up towards my alarm with more contempt than usual...
Wandering downstairs to find my sleeping guest still sleeping and not wanting to disturb her...
I pace in the kitchen with my earbuds putting away dishes to kill time.
I reluctantly give up on productivity after being awake for three hours and return to bed, only to be greeted moments later, by Cassandra shoes on and purse in hand.

From there we went on to Lucky Noodle, a staple in my local diet. I was greeted by the same waiter I had the week before and was amused to find that he had another blue band-aid from his latest attempts at culinary greatness. I fear the next time I see him he will be sporting a hook, since his injuries seem to be increasing in severity as the month goes on.

During breakfast there were a number of passerbys that wandered into our view. They ranged in obscurity and randomness in a way that parralleled a bad skit from the leterman show. First there was the lawn squeegier, who took on the grand task of pushing a giant squeegie down the sidewalk to remove the accumulated rain. This seemed like a pointless job to compensate for poor drainage and bad planning. After a lackluster attempt to sweep the sidewalks he moved on to actually squeegying the grass, something I was not aware was even possible.
Next up was the random man wearing a full suspension harness that left one to wonder if he had: a) just finished scaling the butte b) He was a misplaced window washer c) He had just been para-gliding around town and landed nearby d) Ejected from a falling plane, parachuting to safety e) was an out of work window washer and demonstrating his dedication to his craft or f) was just making a bold fashion statement.

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