Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sitting in the Parking Lot

Another courtesy car sits in front of Grandma's house.
A clear message that her vision is failing more than usual.
Every few weeks some one will comment on a fresh strip of paint etched into her bumper, or on her newly replaced side pannel on her Silver Honda Civic.
We know that she is slightly embarrassed by these little mishaps as she will often park out of her usual spot or in reverse to conceal the latest damage....
At any rate, nothing goes un-noticed in a complex so small and established...
Privacy is definitely a luxury not afforded to people who live in such close proximity and who share thin windows with a parking lot adjacent to a group who has little to do with their spare time.
Each small fight, common cold, and laundry excursion are duly noted by the neighbors, and possibly jotted down in a small notebook for reference if ever something should go terribly wrong.
I can see the police officer now, questioning the neighbors...
"So you said you last saw her making spaghetti in her kitchen, at around 7:00 you say? and then she knitted a blue scarf in the living room till around 8:30... Very interesting... Thanks for your help."
At any rate, I hope grandma is doing ok and that she can keep it together for a little while longer.

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