Thursday, April 02, 2009

Sputtering to Life

One of the many luxuries afforded by my complex and it's patented paper thin windows are the varied acoustics of the on-goings outside. One of my favorite sounds in the morning is the patient revival of cold truck engines. The best of these examples is the brown truck, followed in a close second place by the cream truck. Both take a good five minutes to start and have the added bonus of sputtering out of life moments after being started.

On cooler days the show gets even better, with the stop sign at the end of the parking lot posing a particularly great challenge to the drivers inside.

I usually hear the first round of attempts while I am still in bed, and gage how long I have overslept by how far they have gotten towards leaving the complex.

I just like hearing the sounds of the engines revving, and then after a moment of silence, the ill attempts to start them up again.
This is a life without cable, and a little towards the Little House on the Prairie at some points.

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