Thursday, April 02, 2009

Blinded by the Light and Tricked by the Sun

This morning, I roll in bed toward the closed curtains to find my room is filled with light and blue skies peeking through my window. I am immediately filled with the urge to throw on my flip flops and jump into the car, following the rays to what ever scenic coastline they should happen to guide me.
I run down stairs and step outside, to find it had all been a trick, with the only solid beam of sunshine directly targeting my room through the adjacent complex. Beyond that a cloudy sky loomed over the whole place.
I know it is only eight in the morning and the forecast looks promising; it was just a minor let down that what I saw was not a preview of what I ended up finding.
For a moment it was kind of like the lighting department on the Truman Show had fallen asleep on the sun panel again.

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