Thursday, July 15, 2010

What Next

Demolition Day

Sidewalk Rockers

So this whole month has been a bit of a fiasco at the Gardner House...
I have returned home many times this week to find the little world I have called my own turned upside down with little forewarning.
First they sawed down a tree in my back yard, then they took away my picnic table, then they took away the sidewalks, leaving me to jump over caution tape and walk through wet cement to get to the laundry room and check my mail, now we have all been told to vacate the parking lot so new asphalt can be lain down, in the mean time they have taken down many of the bows of the large trees that shade the back of my home, unleashing millions of displaced beetles to fill up my house, land in my coffee, and cover every available surface.
Now I walk out my door onto my gravel walkway to find the only dumpster in the lot is missing and half of the complex is hastily painted green...

I think someone is playing a joke on us, and feel like I might be the newest unwilling contestant on a lovely show called Boiling Point.

What is it going to take to get a discount in this place...

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