Wednesday, July 14, 2010

FLight of the Mosquito

I thought that this picture was particularly interesting. I liked the way that without knowing what was really going on, it was definitely open to interpretation.
It looks like a small child who has heard enough and might be receiving a talk on a variety of topics, be it his constant leaving of toys on the floor, to his father trying to get him to focus on what he wants to be when he grows up and being more goal oriented.
But in fact, this simple moment was of a father explaining all the wonders that were around in the view of the lake. He was telling his son about how all the mountains and the crater itself were formed by geological events and the volcanos that fill the surrounding area.
I liked seeing the animated way this parent took the time to demonstrate the creation of crater lake, complete with wide gestures and the sounds of explosions. So simple and effective, even a small child could understand.


This little critter was one of many tiny visitors that we encountered on our trip. I was happy to see a little beetle on the windsheild, as apposed to the millions of mosquitos that were actually in the car with us.




Yesterday a short drive turned into a three hour tour...
Back to Crater Lake, and the infamous swarms of "Glacial Mosquitos".
Having been away from the park for months, enough time had elapsed that I had forgotten about the epic swarms of bugs, in tidal wave numbers.
Upon paying the fee and passing the gate, the attendant in the booth called, "Enjoy your park!"
I didn't realize that she must have been joking or issuing a dare, cause it is all but impossible to enjoy anything when you are being eaten alive and running for your life with camera in hand...
At one point, we tried to stop in the section of the park that boasts a gorgeous display of wild flowers...
The last time we had been visiting the flower garden had been under repair and out of bounds for visitors. So seeing as it is summer, we thought we would take a moment to survey the scenes and see if we could check it out and make up for lost time.
No sooner had we left the car and begun ambling down the winding path across a little brook than we found ourselves once again under attack from above.
I took the opportunity to come prepared with park brochure in hand, fearlessly smacking my companion in the head repeatedly to save his life.
Truthfully, I think hitting my companion with a rolled up newspaper is definitely the highlight of my journeys to Crater Lake and probably the major element of motivation to take on such a long drive.
So to summarize, the glacial mosquitos are out of hand and I think a well timed fire might just be in order...
The park is definitely in on the whole thing and is probably breeding the evil creatures in a lab and unleashing them on a daily basis to justify their $14 bug repellant that I am sure is made on the spot...
By the time you get back into the car and realize that you aren't safe from the little stowaways that have highjacked their way into your car and are feasting on you and your friends as you frantically try to find the next gift shop to end your suffering, $14 dollars sounds like a steal and you can't get your credit card out fast enough to make it stop.

So again, I love nature, I hate bugs...
Unleash the Bats, and let the battle begin.

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