Monday, July 05, 2010

Hotdogs on a Monday Morning

When I was a kid, living in Bandon, there was one thing that I would look forward to each time we got in the car and started driving south of town. It was a little country store in the center of Langlois. The store was the only major sign of life in the heart of a tiny town and it boasted on item on it's menu that drew people from all around: the famous Langlois hotdog. Over a million had been sold over the years and it was a main attraction for many from up and down the coast.

Even in the years that I have lived in Eugene, I have made new friends based only on this simple treat.
I once visited a small bar on campus and soon found that when people inquired as to where I was from, their immediate response was, "Is that near Langlois?"

Being close to the 4th of July I have been stricken with the amazing urge to track down a hot dog of a similar caliber in my own town and wondered if such a place existed.

This quest lead me to a small hot dog shop on 17th and Pearl called Dog in a Box.
I did a little research before heading out on my mission, and found that this little shop has at least ten kinds of hotdogs and sausages hot and ready each day by 11 am.

When I walked through the door I was greeted by the owner who was standing at the ready, waiting for the latest passerby to stop in. The shop was covered in posters of famous jazz musicians and the familiar red and white walls with checkered black and white tiled floors like a soda shop out of the 50's.

It really seemed like something out of a movie about summer. They had it all, chips, sodas, sauerkraut, potato salad, chips, even ice cream.

I was sad to think that on account of the location, the shop might not get as much business as it should and wished that I had known about it when my dad had come out to visit earlier in the year.
Dad, I really think you would have liked this place, and the next time you need to renew your license, or just feel like a 12 hour plane ride, it will be well worth the trip.
Breakfast of champions and the cornerstone of any nutritious meal: hotdogs.

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