Sunday, November 08, 2009

Got the Penny

Hey Dad,
Thanks for the penny.
It has been credited to your account and will post in two to three business days.
Your confirmation number for this transaction is 7002954.
Please keep this number for your records.
If there are any issues with your payment, you will be contacted at the number listed in your account.
Here at Gardner Inc. we value your business and look forward to many more payments to come.
This completes your transaction, if you have any questions about your account or current bill, please feel free to contact our agency during business hours or via email at your convenience.

Thank you and have a great day...

I like the penny...
I added it to the curio cabinet and even changed the bulbs again so it can really shine.
I am really surprised by how clean and shiny the penny is, surely after traveling for nearly 100 years, it would have become worn and dulled by passing hands, but it seems just as you had suggested that this little coin must have been loved and forgotten in the bottom of a piggy bank.

Now it can be put in a place of honor and forgotten behind glass, where it belongs...

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