Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Camera

Dinner and a CameraYay...First Try with Shoes
Yes it is late and I will resize these giant images later...

I think I screwed up the car.
I noticed it was completely out of water in the reservoir, thought nothing of it and filled it back up... Not taking into account that I live in the arctic tundra, and that the issue had probably originated from not having enough anti-freeze to have prevented a hose from meeting an untimely death. So in hind-sight, I see that adding more water into the tank just before the latest cold spell might, again, not have been the best plan.

I love walking. Can't wait.
Good times.

So far so good on the car...
It seems to be holding together well, so we will see how it goes, but apparently it is running just fine. Which should make getting to work relatively on time a simpler task.


Sara said...

I saw I missed a a call from you last night...Sorry! I was in instant snooze-ville as soon as I notified the peeps about canceling game night. Are you up for hanging out today? You can see our new house and we can play with computers as we've been meaning to.

Miss Clare said...

I will see you for movie night tomorrow.
Looking forward to it.