Monday, January 19, 2009

Early Morning Observations

Throughout the morning I roll over to glance at my alarm clock, seeing small numbers and falling back asleep.
The large windows facing the parking lot do little to muffle the sounds of life outside, so I hear a rumbling engine and assume it must be a truck... After a few minutes of idling I repeat the same practice I have done for the last five years; I dive out of bed, face pressed to the window, scanning my surroundings quickly, searching for the tow truck that has come to take it all away.

This is a slightly interesting practice since I have no reason to think my car would be selected and taken, but somewhere hard wired in my sleep is the function to throw myself out of bed in a dead sleep, smudge the fog off the windows, and peer out apprehensively at the world below.

I do the same for all the cars... Like an antsy dog waiting for company, each rumble drives me back to my post, vigilantly searching for anyone I know. This being said, no one should ever be surprised to find me standing by the door with bag in hand after hearing the faintest close of a car door, signifying my upcoming departure.

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