Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Post 910: Cusco or Bust


So this morning Autumn and I packed the rest of our things and began our journey to the airport.
There was a little mix up with the printing of the tickets, which left us to stand in the line to have our boarding passes printed at Peruvian Air. I had to check my bag since I was a few stones over...
The guy at the security point asked me about the stick I use to hold up my hair, and after explaining that it was a bamboo knitting needle with the dullest point in existence, I watched as he shook his head, said, "No possible" and added it to the large bin on items deemed unfit to fly.
I thought it was funny that he would put on such a show about safety and security when I had four more in my cary on.
Oh well, I will get more...
Anyways, our flight was delayed for about 2 hours, which meant that when we finally arrived, we were to join the tour, already in progress with out the much needed time to decompress and adjust to the new altitude.
We started out in a church and went from there to just about every site there was in town in 20 minute increments.
No sooner had we arrived at our destination than we were talking about our departure.
We left different members of the tour numerous times.
I would announce the moment of silence for the lost companion and the bus would roar back to life and begin moving down the avenue only to be chased moments later by whatever unfortunate person and children in toe who had been left behind.

During the course of our travels today, I heard one visitor from California go on and on about the restaurants in Cusco and all the wonderful things to try. So as soon as we got off the death march bus, we headed over to a little restaurant near the center of town called Inca Grill. We had some really wonderful food and had a chance to hear how other visitors were enjoying the local favorite, "Cuy" which is the ferocious beast, a pig by the name of Guinea.

Dad, I am sure you will be disappointed to know that the only pan flute I saw today was the one being chewed on by a toddler. There are no bands lining the streets and selling CD's.

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