Monday, August 30, 2010

Not So Subtle Hints

So the powers that be drug me out from my bed before I had hoped.
The splatter of rain on my windows informed me that my laundry, freshly dried in the sunshine was receiving an unexpected extra rinse cycle from mother nature...
I stumbled down the stairs and out the back door to find that my cobweb of string that had formed my clothesline was now a watery web that held my shirts and towels fast as they drowned i the change of season.
Dripping wet, along with all my clothes i drug all my belongings back in the house in a basket that was heavy enough to remind e of my brief days of carrying wet sheets from the Gorman Motel.
It always seems that shortcuts are the longest distance between any two points, and in the case of my clothesline the same is true...
My attempts not to be taken by the rising prices of on site laundry turned out to not be worth the trouble, and the dollar I saved in dryer time I am sure will come back ten fold in the cost of medication to combat the side effects of wrestling with laundry in the rain before one is meant to be awake.

Today was my first day back to the daily grind.
It was two hours shorter than the usual work day, but half an hour till it was due to end I was dragging my heels and barely able to keep my eyes open as I half heartedly skimmed the text of our new handbook for our grant.
It isn't easy getting out of routines only in time to have to dive back in.
I am still of the mind that I need to find employment with some travel channel and call in, where bored millionaires send me their life savings and I tell them about how much fun I had letting it fall through my fingers.

At any rate, this marks the beginning to the new term with d-day being next Wednesday.

I am still getting all the materials for this term in order and will take my first dizzying step into my classroom tomorrow.
I plan on locking the doors and turning all the lights off to discurage any disruptions from my task.
I still have quite a lot to do.
Though laundry is no longer on that list.

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