Monday, May 10, 2010

Rainy Days and Thunder Storms

Hey there,
I have been informed by numerous parties that I need to give a few updates, as it has again been a while since I got on here and posted any news.
I have been busy getting the wind up for the end of the year ready to go.
We have five weeks left in the year and the kids are ready to be getting out the door.
This Friday will be the end of the first grading period and then just four more Mondays and we are all done.

This week has been an interesting one, with a few exciting developments in the baking department.
I had two orders for baby showers in the same weekend and ended up making 113 cupcakes between the two events.
It required three batches of icing and the majority of my weekend, but it seemed to go nicely.
Sierra is expecting her first child with in the next month, and we had a nice time getting together with all of her family to celebrate the new arrival.
In other news we are experiencing some very strange weather here in Eugene, with summer just around the corner I have to admit I am a little surprised by the thunder, lightning, monsoon style rain, and occasional hail storm.
Along with the baby showers, I had a chance to see my long lost friend, Kristy, and catch up a bit with her over the weekend. It was a nice change of pace to have someone back on the couch and get a chance to spend some time around town and hear how everyone from back home was doing.
Other than that, like I mentioned before, I just received my new teaching license, which puts me back in the green for another three years... All my observations are in, and I am all set till the next round.
Other than classes, I am getting ready for the first round of visitors over at my second school site. We will be hosting a number of visitors that will be checking out the new additions to our classroom and the ways we are putting our new tools to work to help our students learn new things.

Last but not least, this week we found out that Corky will be joining Tom Arnold in an upcoming comedy show out in Maui. She will be up on the big stage in front of 300 people for her latest production.
I hope it goes well and that this is the first step in the long process of her successful repayment of many loans starting when I was around ten years old.
I have an entire photo album filled with I.O.U.'s and haven't forgotten about our little arrangements...
So here's to hoping she is a big success.

And lastly, this past weekend, I had the chance to go out and see the latest Iron Man movie...
The theatre was packed and I thought it was a great show...
Full of excitement and fun new twists.
Definitely not as disappointing as many of the others out there...

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