Monday, November 24, 2008

Would Love to Get in the Car Now...

Would love to get in the car now...
Just like that this picture perfectly conveys that message...
Autumn's new car is just like the rest of us... a little quirky,
which entails crawling through the window since the door doesn't open.
I got that skill down to a science in no time, and it never struck me as odd..
It comes as second nature to Autumn as we reach each destination, she just pushes the button on her side to roll it down and waits for the latest passenger to make their escape before returning it to it's normal state.
Good times,
Reminds me of Squishy, which took quite the TLC as well..
Which reminds me of the best response to a very eager car salesman...
"So honey, what would it take to get you driving off the lot with a new car today?"
"Tripple-A and a Tow truck"
That was after evaluating my less than perfect credit and walking me over to the oldest manual car left in the parking lot.
The guy was not taking no for an answer, and insisted on driving me around for the test drive...
"Wow, this is really smooth..." (In reference to the gears I had no idea how to change)
"Uh huh... sure it is"
And for an encore in the next car he drove me to his house for the test drive...
That was a line I had never seen before...
We are driving around, and I ask where to go, thinking there was some sort of route in play here...
"Hop in the right lane", "Take a right at the light" (I was starting to feel like I was back at the DMV)
"Pull over here..."
"Where are we?"
"At my house..."
(My immediate thought was he hadn't really worked for the dealer and we had just stolen a car)
I mean come on! What the hell? Really?

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