Sunday, July 13, 2008

So Saturday Autumn, Steve and I trekked out to the Fair for the day. We wandered the dusty paths, visited Autumn's family and at one point were so completely trapped in gridlock by fellow fair goers that Autumn faked an asthma attack to make her way through the crowd. That was really a stroke of genius. It shouldn't have come to that... but the people were just not moving... The commonly observed practice of staying to the left and right that would usually allow flow and movement was not being observed, with large groups of people stopping indiscriminately to carry on conversations.

So I was very proud of Autumn for taking the upper hand in that situation and getting out any way she could.
It was a good time... I did the few things on my list, which all surrounded acquiring various fine foods from around the event. I hit them all, got my blueberry ice cream and Dana's cheese cake...

After the main event was wearing thin for us, we wandered back to the car, which was insanely hot, and made our way to Triangle lake... As usual I took around a hundred photos... documenting the adventures...
When we arrived we were met with many jokes about how disappointed the crew was that we neglected to bring the local law enforcement with us this time...
It was a gorgeous day, with every other moment being shattered with explosions and flames as the boys in our crew took it upon themselves to outdo each other by lighting bottle rockets off in their hands and doing back flips off the dock... Assuring us that the effects that could be felt under water were awesome.

As usual, I was curled up in the fetal position behind anyone I could find that I could use as a human shield.
Thankfully no one lost any limbs or digits and all went well.
Dianna got thrown in the lake with all of her clothes on at around 1:00 in the morning and was not pleased...
And Owen could not be swayed to stop wearing her orange hot pants throughout the entire evening.

We definitely got enough sun for the week... and a good time was had by all...

Upon returning to the house I found my giant glass mirror had leapt to it's death in my absence and lay in shreds on the floor of my bedroom, having taken out my dresser and the plugs that were unfortunate enough to have been in use at the time of it's tragic demise. So it is in a pile of splintered wood and shattered glass on my floor. My first thoughts were, well that seems odd, what is missing here, and does the bad luck rule apply if your mirror kills itself while no one is around?
Hope not... That was a three panel mirror, and I would hate to be jinxed till I was 45.

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