Friday, July 11, 2008

Baby Bowling

Well at least it isn't what you would think from the title...
Last evening, we went out to Emerald Lanes and caught up on what has become an overlooked sport and pastime for my friends and I. We were pleased to find a location that is fairly reasonable and open on a Thursday evening. All went well aside from our neighbors, who appeared to be recent high school graduates, two ladies, four boys, and a two week old infant. It was an interesting sight to take in. The child slept through the majority of the events in a little car seat lying on the floor beneath a rack of balls. The kid was placed in the direct path people would walk to get from one end of the alley to the next, posing a minor tripping hazard
When the child finally awoke it was placed into a contraption that resembled a booster seat and bucket. It sat writhing with it's little sunglasses, seeming rather confused. With the random person picking it up occasionally, but ignoring it entirely for the majority of their stay.
The ladies, each tried to out do the other in wearing the shortest outfit. And at one point when one of the heavier ones went up to make her shot, she attempted to swing her leg behind her, just about did the splits, and left nothing to the imagination. I have never heard an entire alley of people gasp in unison before. It wasn't that good kind of gasp, when you catch the oportunity of a lifetime, this one was more of the gasp you take when watching a car crash.
Any rate, we had a great time. I actually got two strikes, which is good since previously I held the official title for the most depressed bowler, and walked out with a final score of 28. I framed the scores, since they were too good to be true.

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