Saturday, June 11, 2011

Round Two

Ok, now that I see that this is an ok solution, I will try to do my best to get back in the game. But anyone who finds any typos will just have to keep it to themselves.

It's really funny to be surrounded by technology all the time and to realize that I don't really spend too much time with my own computer at home anymore. The one we have hooked up at home has such a wonderfully high resolution set on it that I actually need glasses to read it.
We tried scaling it down a bit but in the end it was either giant icons and reduced screen space, or micro-print and a loss of interest.
I really do just about everything from the phone so it seemed like a huge pain not to be able to post from here too.
Anyways, quarterly update...
We are three days out from the end of the year, the yearbook is done and in student hands, all of the major presentations and celebrations have gone by, and all I have left is grading, the building celebration, picking my raspberries and heading out the door to see my family.
The house is coming along, with the next major undertakings being a new fence, windows, carpet upstairs, and perhaps insulation here and there.
And painting the deck, knocking out a few walls, more painting and finally burning it down when we are tired of working on it.
And as usual, when I say "we", it means any able bodied person besides myself. I just trim the hedges and alert others to the presence of flying bugs that need killing. I'm not much help past that.
Speaking of unwanted visitor, we had a snake in the house the other day...
It was a little thing, bout the size of a pencil, and I definitely handled it better than I would have expected, though I am not looking forward to any others.

In other news, very excited that I will be seeing Circus Soleil tomorrow afternoon. It's been on my list for a long time. So I hope it's a lot of fun, though that is definitely what I have heard from all the kids in my class who have been talking about it all week.

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as it is put like this that you are a teacher too. i adore you... i love teachers.... really... do well my dearest teacher..