Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Tank is Dirty, it's a hell of a day

Somewhere out of nothing, the sky filled with clouds and a breeze that seemed oddly out of a movie took it place among my complex.
Thunder soon replaced the overpowering breeze that bent the trees back and forth.
I was slightly unsettled by the one sparrow that took it upon himself to be the only one in the sky; then sat back and marveled as fallen leaves swirled from the roof of my home...
As quickly as the wind stopped, the rain began to fall, filling the pavement with movement and motion; creating streams and creeks where there once had only been gravel and dirt.
The strange smell that filled the air was one that I knew all too well this week... the slight fragrance of clean combined with what reminded me of the algae I had worked so hard to remove from my home...

Over the past few weeks, I have watched the steady progression of the colonies of algae that have made a strong presence in the little watery tower that my pets call their home. My fish slowly swimming in circles in the attempt to pretend they are pleased.

Comments have been made on more than one occasion, signifying that the time had come yet again to renew their surroundings and do my part to keep these fragile little things alive.

I have failed before and witnessed the consequences of my neglect and selfishness. With my beloved little ones waiting all too long for the attention they can't truly survive without.
My friends are nothing if not patient and sit hoping that guilt will get the best of me before conditions become dire..

After putting off my duties far too long I set a course to set their home back to it's intended state... taking half the water out to reveal the spires of castles that had not felt the pressure of air in months... Only to fill it back up again to see that the green cloud that was threatening the last five inhabitants held true and that all of my efforts had made little more than a small dent in the overall appearance of their surroundings.

I cleaned the filter, and conditioned the water... only to find that not much had changed...

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