Thursday, February 26, 2009

Making Memories

Standing on the sidewalk with the ones that were left behind, loading G3 imacs into an 80's Mercedes, I turn to the child standing next to me, who is telling me the tale of his latest mistake... riding a bike down Spencer's Butte and crashing hard into the bushes.
I casually smile and recap the situation by saying, "So you made a memory."
He said his latest memory left a reminder down the entire front side of his body, in the form of a road rash that will be on his mind for the next few weeks.
Upon hearing this, I thought of the "memories" that I carry both on my body and in parts of my mind and wanted to remind him to take the time to write them down before they fade like the scratches and fall away.
The fiascos that take place day in and out are the reminders of a life well lived...
So take time to remember...
Glad we can both relate in the fact that we are no longer blank canvases and have stories to tell.

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