Monday, February 16, 2009


I am thoroughly enjoying my day off to celebrate President's Day. It started off listening to sad examples of Eugene's brightest playing a contest on the radio consisting of presidential facts. After round five and neither of them answering any questions correctly even by accident, I was feeling a little concerned. Some of the questions included, the minimum age to run for president, the name of the second president, and the names of the living past and present leaders. None, they didn't get any of them.
After that little reprieve I headed out to breakfast, to acquire my latest to-go box, that would set my current collection to around 11. So with no real pressing commitments to tend to (ok I am really swamped as usual but can't seem to get motivated) I set about to putting all of my hair in rollers, doing a few facial peels, dancing around the upstairs, calling everyone I know, and next I might just attempt either baking or coloring.

I have done a little planning around my upcoming visit to NCCE in Portland, and managed to finagle my way into a ride as well as convincing come of my colleagues to let me sleep on their floor. This is wonderful news since I was planning on visiting friends and am less than confident I could find my way either out of bed or to the correct building down town. So being on site will prove to be very convenient.

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