Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Poke The Penguin

This is just a cute little site I like to go to to relax every once in a while...
What could be more soothing than poking a penguin?

Almost time for the mad list of things to do this week:
1. Create handout for digital communications class tomorrow
2. Teach Digital Communications class (3 hours)
3. Set up new computers (2) in the office
4. Reassemble lab from piles around the room
5. Return document cameras and airliners to staff (if I can find them)
6. Put batteries back into 250 laptops
7. Wire rooms to hold 16 machines per classroom
8. Adjust height of ceiling mounted projector that I can barely reach with a stick
9. Create image for 3 sets of architecture for our building (6 hours each)
10. Reimage 250 machines (15-20 min each) (David did it)
11. Design course outlines and syllabi for 4 classes
12. Set new teachers up with new laptops
13. Help downtown reimage 12 different schools (We gave up)
14. Help individuals set up their home machines to run OS X and fix internet connections
15. Help local business back up and transfer data
16. Demonstrate and train staff on new software and subscriptions (atomic learning, learn 360, and easy CBM)
17. Create cards for students that will contain all login information including email, student id, lunch codes, and passwords
18. Return dead batteries
19. Create outline for back to school boot camp for 6th graders
20. Review and revise contracts and agreements for internet use and tech use

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