Monday, April 07, 2008

Hey Dad, Happy Birthday!!!

Boat Ride Cork and Dad
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Super Man
Deep Thoughts
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I know it isn't much, and in no way makes up for me missing the 5:00 p.m. deadline to get my letter in the mail on time, but this will have to do...

Just a few thoughts and memories of one of the most wonderful people I know and probably ever will.

I really know very little of your life, I have heard many wonderful stories, but when compared to the exceptional life you have always lead, I am sure there will always be more to learn. I have only been around for about a third of your 76 years, and often wonder much about the rest of it.

Some things that have stood out to me over the years...
1. World's best story teller: I hope I get this skill with time... You have an amazing eye for details and never missed a beat.
2. World's best phone voice: we used to joke about selling ice cubes to Eskimos, but I am sure you could do it...
3. Best Spaghetti: I have polled people many times, and would definitely fly the 2,500 miles for dinner any time.
4. Best at reviving dead plants: I really don't know how, but you just have a knack for bringing them back.
5. Best at blowing things up in the microwave: I will never forget when you calmly walked into the kitchen holding a damp t-shirt and asked us how it felt... Moments later to throw it in the microwave for 2 minutes and inquire again... We said it was still a bit damp, and you through it back in (10 min for good measure)... I remember seeing the smoke rise from the black holes that covered the whole thing... That was awesome. And of course the infamous centipede, 5 seconds on high I believe.
6. Best use of fishing line: Wall of Shame... One of my favorite family activities in honor of our absent Corky...
7. Best sense of humor: There are too many examples to list here, but some of the highlights are Corky's 5th Grade family tree, and putting Corky in the gay pride parade to get votes for mayor....
8. Best Use of Sound Board and a Hammer: That would be creating our own little condo by building a wall over the door that led to the hallway in our last apartment, and adding a large book case for good measure.
9. Best Place to Move: Maui and subsequently best place to visit
10. Best Picnics: You have long set the bar for perfect picnics. And I will never figure out how you get the steaks to be perfect every time...
11. Best Dad: I really could never have asked for more... And couldn't imagine my life any other way. You were always the only one that could have stepped in and taken care of us... We are very lucky to have been raised by such a caring and funny person, and on account of that we are the interesting people we are...
12. Best Driving Instructor: Lock to Lock... I am one of the few girls in this town that knows how to parallel park, and I owe that to you as well.
13. Best Swimmer: I still can't believe you can continually beat me...
14. Best photographer: You have captured thousands of priceless moments, and only taped over a few of them.
15. Best Liar: You could always tell the people at the King's Table I was 6 years old with a straight face, even when I was 12.

Well I know it isn't a card, but like we always say, it's in the mail...

Talk to you soon,

Love you,

Kellyclare aka Huggy Bear

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