Thursday, September 23, 2010

917 Tragedy in the Tank

So people that know me know I don't have kids... I have eleven toasters, a roomba and a goldfish...
Well as of Tuesday it's down to just the vacuum and the toasters...
After a long day at work and a longer workshop down town that kept me till around seven at night I came home to my little home to find my one little friend was lying at the bottom of the tank next to my plecco.
I had a little mini melt down at this point.
I am sure it was a combination of things including the stress of getting the year going, taking on a lot of projects and who knows what else. But the point was that it all kind of came crashing down when the one thing I worked so hard to keep happy gave up and left me.
I felt abandoned, and it really hurt to see the one thing I cared about more than I should have decided to give up and leave me.
So I had a hard time with it... and looking at the empty tank made me break down each time.
So today I mentioned the latest casualty to a few people at work and finally got the reaction I had been waiting for... Apparently these guys actually knew what this little fish meant to me, and my friend Neshay jumped in the car and drug me back to the place where I got goldie to find a new start for me.
I got two little guys, one fancy tail that looks a lot like my old one, and a new little yellow one that is all of it's own.
Names never last, but from the bag they are Phoenix and Delilah.
The last pair was Lenny and George, but after George died in the castle, Lenny became goldie.
So we will see if having some fresh little ones to care for will help fill the void and get me to stop melting down over nothing.

Anyways, school is going pretty well, with the kids working on a variety of projects.
I have four clases rolling at the moment and just introduced a new way for the class to share their work.
They seem to have caught on to it pretty well and are helping me to learn new things about how it works.
This new system is a cool twist on a site that allows them to share their photos and videos and even comment on each-other's work.We are practicing giving each-other positive feedback and helping each-other try new things.
We will see how it goes, but so far, so good.

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