Saturday, June 26, 2010

Off to ISTE

The forecast for the area of Denver Colorado is a gloomy, overcast scenario with a major probability of thunder and lightning.

I am excited for my arrival in this new state, and am continually impressed by my own lack of general knowledge relating to the country I live in. I have been flying over sandy desert and snow covered mountains, each one looking more mysterious than the last, leaving me to wonder where I may be and finally leading to the conclusion that I haven't a clue what the names of any of the states are or where they might be in geographical relation to one another.

Getting out of the airport was the usual endeavor. I had the rare opportunity to leave out of Eugene and avoid an extra two hour drive on top of what is already going to be a long and tiresome day. When I arrived, I was surprised to find how small the entire operation was and was very impressed with the local artwork that is incorporated into the whole area.

I was not, however, impressed by the local options for food, where I was presented with an $8 dollar burger and a $16 dollar bill. That was just a funny oversight, but I thought it was a little entertaining.

On the topic of entertainment, I was fairly amused to find after arriving at my final terminal in waiting for my plain, that the rest of the passengers and I were joined by a very pushy woman with a knack for projection. This lady sat on a bench for over an hour, calling everyone she knew in turn and screaming across the terminal how she had been robbed of her most prized possessions and hated the airline industry on account of it.

After the first two calls I started collecting data on the frequency in which she repeated herself. I heard toothpaste about 11 times, mouthwash about 9 times, and hour mouse about 12, which was the most displeasing to her…
It was a fairly interesting spectacle, with the rest of the waiting passengers in complete silence and not wanting to disrupt this obviously disgruntled passenger. I knew that she would be joining us on our flight, but am hoping in the back of my mind that she is no one of consequence and will not turn out to be one of our keynote speakers and end up holding a grudge with me for mocking her pain and taking data on the subject.

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